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12 April 2019

Yes your bottled water probably contains fluoride. Aka rat poison. I list many water brands which add fluoride. The Q psy op is in full swing. Why are so many Q followers so hateful? Julian Assange arrest and deportation discussed in detail. Duke university to pay over 112 million in fines for intentional fabrication of false research. Los Angeles Children’s hospital experimenting on children as young as 8 to make them transgender. Insanity! Unhealthy diets discovered to be a leading cause of death. Duh.. really I have been saying this for over forty years. Lawsuits begin over forced vaccines in NYC. Plus much more!
10 April 2019

High energy thought provoking high energy show! Forced vaccine martial law or fines or jail in NYC? Wow this is a mess. Discussed in detail! Netanyahu easily wins re-election. Told you. Super Bowl going cashless. Is this a beta test? Clinton says white nationalist support Trump. Again more race baiting. Candace Owens gives committeeman a verbal thrashing. Are your eyes the window to your soul? Pope Francis says multiculturalism always bring riches. Yes and diseases and turmoil and civil war to boot! Teach your children how to think and ask questions! High energy must listen show!
09 April 2019

Must listen Great health show today! New hope for Tinnitus? Measles outbreak propaganda continues. Who was Dr Linus Pauling? His breakthroughs are still spectacular! Amazon continues its book banning (burning) spree! EPA is sooo compromised with its globalist lying research! How to lose weight easily and simply. The Secret! Here is a proper exercise and simple diet. AI algorithms can be disastrous.. here’s a personal example. Plus much much more! High energy must listen succinct show!
08 April 2019

High energy must listen show! Nielsen resigns as Homeland Security Head she’s another scapegoat for failed immigration. Medical martial law overturned in Rockland County. This was another beta test. Our constitution prevails. Another massive storm to hit the Midwest. Netanyahu says, “the next term will be fateful...we will go to the next stage”. What the heck! That sounds ominous. Trump derangement syndrome gains more followers. California leadership has gone postal.. wanting to collect back sale taxes for 7 years from all states due to Amazon! Poacher in Africa-killed by elephant eaten by lion! Good riddance! Toxic massage oils. Don’t use them. Additional dangers of sugar. Plus much more. High energy must listen show!
05 April 2019

High energy must listen show! Momma told me not to come! Protect your teenagers! Marijuana causes lasting brain damage in adolescents. Mumps is the real crisis not measles’s it causes infertility. UK about to arrest Assange? Trumps capitulates again punts on border . Gives Mexico a year. Cardinal warns western culture and Christians will disappear. Anti christianity the reason for globalism. Here’s the time line in depth discussion. Must listen high energy show!
04 April 2019

High energy must listen show! Satanic symbols appearing across the USA. University of Kansas offering angry white male studies. Canada fines Christian 55,000 for staying it was a man in a dress. Boston orders police not to arrest people for petty crimes. El Paso is getting 500-600 illegals daily. Australia now jails professionals for questioning vaccine safety. Forbes article “What if toxic masculinity is the reason for climate change?...hey we just report this stuff..insanity Plus much more! High energy must listen show!
03 April 2019

Politically incorrect high energy show! Are the Russians still coming? The media thinks so. Alt media censorship at an all time high. We are living in the Twilight Zone! American idiocracy running amuck. Wikileaks releases Clintons crime and all this happens. Mr President still no wall more immigrants and Obamacare. Really? Real side effects of the MMR vaccine. Attempted Five year old rape was stopped by armed mother. This is no longer America. Sweden news blackout on migrant crime. Cash for DNA in Louisville. High energy must listen show!
02 April 2019

High Energy show! Do patriots really want military tribunals in the USA? Remember operation Valkyrie? Thousands were hung! Patriots who decides if your going to be hung? Housing is once again becoming unaffordable. Tent cities springing up around the USA. Is this agenda 2030 in its infancy? Why is our military buying almost a million gas masks? Avoid omega six fats. They are corn oil, safflower oil and canola oil. Here’s why! Is high fructose corn syrup as addictive as alcohol or morphine? Is alcoholism linked to sugar consumption? High energy must listen show.
01 April 2019

High energy politically incorrect show! Stress is the great killer. Here’s how to deal with it properly. Inflammation can cause depression. The Great Big Autism Obfuscation! Here are the facts. What are the real numbers? Trump cuts aid to Central America to stop immigration. So stupid! Mr President where are you? Who controls you? 91 year old arrested in Sweden for telling the truth. Western culture has died a pitiful politically correct death. Here’s why. Ted does a ten minute rant on this topic. High energy must listen show!