Indigenous Medicine

Indigenous Medicine

Mary Jane Houge
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The term “Indigenous Medicine” refers to the healing systems that have been used by various countries and ethnic populations for thousands of years, before the arrival of modern medicine. I am so passionate about the benefits of indigenous wisdom that I opened Acu-Na Wellness Center to make available Traditional & Indigenous healing systems. We offer East Asian Medicine, Ayurveda from India and Native American Healing, to name a few. Indigenous healing systems bring much needed enhancements to our current modern medicine. Through this journey, I have redefine health as, “a disease-free physical body and a soul that lives in community, respects the earth, is connected to spirit, expresses its authentic self and lives a life of purpose.” To further answer the call for more education and dissemination of the wisdom and ways of indigenous medicine, I have created on my Radio Station and Podcast “BLESS-UP this series on “Indigenous Medicine Teachings.” My goal is to contribute to the dissemination of ancient wisdom from various cultures for achieving and maintaining health. Join me in this quest to keep this wisdom alive and well for generations to come.



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03 February 2020

A Yearning for connection .wav

Mary Jane Houge
Yearning for Connection. I have always had a deep yearning to connect with the divine. In this episode I will share with you my journey. You may hear some commonality in your own journey. The indigenous way of life was to live in harmony with each other, with all of nature and with spirit. They can be referred to as Earth Based spirituality where at its core honors the Earth, Nature, and all manifestations of life. We are all human and could very much benefit from taking a step back in time, learning from the wisdom keepers of indigenous cultures, relearn the ways of the past and bring forth the fundamental belief system of the importance of living in community, respecting the earth, respecting and honoring creation, and respecting each other. In my opinion, survival of humanity depends on the Healing power of Nature and humans reconnecting with spirit. Within nature, within the natural world, there exists all the materials and tenets for healing human beings. Nature is the textbook for those who care to study it and the storehouse of remedies for human ills. Illness may be seen as physical manifestation of spiritual decay. Therefore, I pose the approach that we integrate the wisdom of the past that indigenous teachings offer us and combine that with the modern knowledge we’ve acquired to create an approach to health that addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of individuals. I invite you to explore indigenous teaching with me and see what traditions enhance your life and connection with the divine.