Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

Mary Jane Houge
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As I explore the various principles of energy, they all seem to bring me back to Einstein. Einstein’s famous Theory of Special Relativity (E=mc2) indicating mass and energy are the same physical entity and that they can be changed into one another may also be viewed as energy plus information equals mass. So with this said, you can understand then how our thoughts affect the condition of our body and the world around that we call reality. There are many principles that guide our understanding of the world and the role we play. Energy medicine creates action steps we may take to provide information to our energy field thereby affecting matter. This is the foundation of how we experience life. Let’s follow the vibration and move in rhythm!



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25 November 2020

Crystal Healing

Mary Jane Houge
This podcast is for those interested in incorporating crystals into their healing sessions. If you are a practitioner or client just beginning your understanding of crystals this podcast is for you. I am personally a lover of energy medicine. In my practice I incorporate acupuncture, crystals, color, essential oils, indigenous medicine, sound therapy, guided meditation, qi gong and more. In this podcast, we will discuss the chakras and some of the crystals that support them. With this information, you can begin using crystals in your treatments or in your self-care. Crystal remedies have been developed from many different generations by many different cultures of people. These remedies use multiple concepts and notions but all have a common thread. They use the innate power of the stones to work on many different levels for many ailments. These remedies have been handed down through families, tribes, teachers, and shamans alike. Crystals are often used for clearing your mind, helping with a physical condition, meditation and charms for protection for yourself or your home. Crystals have different metaphysical properties and vibration. Many crystals correspond and support the function of our Chakras. The word “Chakra” is Sanskrit for wheel or disk and signifies one of the seven basic energy centers in the body. Each of these centers correlates to a major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. There are seven major chakras. The energy closest to the physical body is where the meridians are found. That is why this level of energy can be manipulated through physical instruments such as acupuncture, hands, crystals, color therapy and mind/breath work to name a few.
31 March 2020

Prayer, intention, virtual healing.m4a

Mary Jane Houge
Now is a perfect time to focus on our interconnectedness. Everything in our world, seen and unseen is energy and it is vibrating at a particular frequency or wavelength. Given that everything is energy that means that nothing exists in isolation, there is no separation. We are the ‘living matrix’. Problems in the body actually start in the energy field. Physiological symptoms appear due to disturbances in our energy field. Since our thoughts and actions affect our DNA and our DNA affects the world around us through the vibrational frequencies we emit, we can conclude we also affect each other through our vibrational frequency. This podcast will give you some immediate tools to help raise your own vibration, expand your energy field and send this high frequency vibration to others.