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On The Charleen Hess Show we have real, raw and vulnerable conversations about letting go of fear and connecting more fully to our true inner self. It's about taking those scary leaps in life that bring us closer to our individual calling. By stepping out of fear and joyfully living in our truth we empower others to do the same. We are here to shine our divine light and share our unique gifts with the world. As we begin shedding the layers of our ego living more fully from our hearts we can more authentically connect with ourselves and others. This is how we make the world a better place, one heart connection at a time. Create a ripple effect. Step out of your fear and into your knowing Your new life is waiting for you, Living on Your Hearts Edge.





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05 April 2019

Your MAP to True Happiness

Transformation Talk Radio
I often hear from smart, successful, heart centered people who, on the outside, look really happy living a wonderful life and like they have it all together, while on the inside, are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and stuck inthe ever increasing momentum of life. Theyhave created a seemingly happy life that they are struggling just to keep up with. Continually spending more time and more money in searchof meaning and connection but the emptiness still continues. I know this story well, as this wasalso me, and the good news is that there is an end in sight We can have a truly happy and meaningful life connected to our purpose and living in Joy through a deeper self connection created throughMeditation self Awareness and returning to Play. Let em help you find your MAP.
01 March 2019

Reclaim your life of purpose and joy.

Transformation Talk Radio
What if I told youevery question you are asking YOU already have the answer toThe meaning of and purposeto your life is found deep inside of youI believethat ALL of your lifes questions can be answeredthrough a deeper self connection. We all have ourown personal MAP of how to get there. It is through Meditation Awareness and Play that we can reclaim our life of Purpose and Joy. By using your MAPyou can connect to and create the life of your dreams
01 February 2019

Heal Your Self Connection

Transformation Talk Radio
Silvia Bladt shares her amazing story of how she faced and moved throughCancer not once but TWICE, only to have her life fall apart in every other area. Yet she is still smiling still victorious. She used her challenges to grow a deeper connection to herself and is all the stronger and more self connected because of itShe asks you the question "What if every challenge we face are actually opportunities to become more ourselves or to guide us to the life that is actually meant for us"How is it that 2 of the exact same challenges with 2 different people can have2 different outcomesOne stays stuck and the other one uses the challenge to grow and become stronger or just discover and become more themselves. There are no super humans, we are all the same. We only have different beliefs, perceptions and habits.Discover yourself, discover your heart and yoursquoll find your unique solution to every challenge you face in life.You are, and always will be, the author of your life. You decide what will be written in your next chapter.
18 January 2019

Transitioning from a life of success, to a life of significance

Transformation Talk Radio
'Ice' Mal Jones, a successful Leader amp Entrepreneur, shares his story of how, when he was pushed to the edge with physical amp mental health challenges, succeeded in transforming his life amp health. Now as a Wim Hof Instructor, Health, Life, Business / Career Coach, Speaker amp Author, Mal is committed to helping others do the same, so they too can achieve the Career, Health amp lifestyle they truly deserveMal's Mission:"To shift perspectives, so we can all live more authentic, healthful, mindful, meaningful and successful lives free from the psychological, emotional and physical pain of our stories in doing so, becoming Happier, Healthier amp Stronger versions of ourselves, while transitioning from a life of inward success to one of outward significance".Free Giveaway: A free 30 minute consultation with Mal Listen to get the details of how.
04 January 2019

Love on Every Billboard

Transformation Talk Radio
Spreading Love in whole new way Meet John Pogachar inovator of When you get quiet and connect with nature, your soul starts to speak to you with little nudges of "wouldn't it be cool if..."This is exactly how Love on Every Billboard came to be.John Pogachar was persistently doing the inner work and a question emerged: "wouldn't it be amazing to buy a billboard without it needing to sell or promote anything except for love"The idea quickly gained momentum and multiplied from one billboard to 5 in Spokane Now Love Billboards are popping up in Pittsburg, PA, Marshalltown, IA, St. Louis, MO, and Havre, MT. Where will the next one go up, and how far will this idea reach, London, Europe, Brazil, Australia, maybe the moonSee how you too can be a part of this spreading love movement
21 December 2018

The Be The One approach

Transformation Talk Radio
Nancy Mc Harness co-founder of the non profit mentoring program Partners for Schools will be joining me to share her amazing story of how she listened to her hearts calling has now launchedThe Be the One mentoring program which has positively impacted Over 200 students to date. Listen as she shares how she as a "simple house wife" is changingher community and the lives of manywith the Be the One mission which is tocultivate community engagement, to raise hope and inspire student success. You will be inspired to take action in your community in small ways that canmake a big difference creating a ripple effect to help change our world.
07 December 2018

Inviting in the Pain

Transformation Talk Radio
Lets be REAL, we all have emotional pain, we all struggle, we all feel lost,uninspired and out of control many times during our lives. How do you cope when you are in this place What do you do to get out of emotional pain What if I told you that the best way to get out of it is to dive into it Yes that's right. Dive right into your pain and feel it fully, wallow in it That is what we are going to talk about today. I will share my pain with you and how by diving into it I get through it to the other side where Joy resides.I'd love your questions or stories Call in at 1-800-930-2819
16 November 2018

The Power of Gratitude

Transformation Talk Radio
Have you ever noticed how well things fall perfectly in placewhen we are in a continual state of Gratitude When taking chances and making leaps in life things are often unpredictable and can feel scary. Wecan get stuck in either focusing on our problems orhyper focusing on solutions both of which takes out of the present and neither will produce the best result. When we instead focus on gratitude and really count our blessings it is amazing how things show up for us and in perfect timing Listen in and be inspired as we share stories of how life always works out for us when we look for it to I have so many examples of how this has happened for me in my life and I am sureyou have some examples of your own. I'd love to hear them tooCall in to share your experiences 1-800-930-2819
02 November 2018

Breaking through your fears

Transformation Talk Radio
What are you afraid of Do you have a fear that is holding you back from experiencing life to it's fullestJoin me Friday November 2nd at 12:00pst. as I share an amazing story of howI not only faced my fear but totally broke through it. It no longer controls or haunts me This will be an interactive show so call in with your story or questions about how you too can bust through a fear once and for all Call in at 1-800-930-2819
19 October 2018

Creating Your Dream Job

Transformation Talk Radio
Do you love your job, ordo you have anudging on your heart thatis calloing you tosomething elseListen in this week as my special Guest Jennah Lear of Blue Loui Studio shares her story of how she was called to leave her successful career in a corporate job and took a leap 'living on her hearts edge' and started her own business. She now is joyfully living her dream job helping others get clear on their vision creating their brand and designing their websites as theystart or recreate their own businessFree giveaway, a 30 minute consultation with Jennah to review your brand and create an action step for your business growth.