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Love Living Radio - Ignite Your Whole Being

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Tune-in as Emily sheds a radiant light of love on the beauty and the power that resides within you Inside the power of love is the possibility of healing wounds and transforming your stories.Can you feel the call of your spirit What would igniting your whole being look likeDiscussing love in all its forms through conversations that provoke awareness, curiosity, and expansion, Emily shares how to live your life with love and love the life you live




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27 March 2019

A Woman's Whole Health With Sheila Seyester

Transformation Talk Radio
Another special episode for Women's History Month, this is going to be a fascinating chat about some of the myths about women's health and some simple, holistic ways to approach what can be a very overwhelming and complicated subject for many women.A womanrsquos body is intricate and an entire world in and of its itself, it can be really challenging to understand it and know what it needs at any age. Sheila was a midwife for many years and is an avid researcher and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the female body and being. I am so honored and excited to have her share some simple, easy, natural remedies for common female health concerns as well as some of her expertise in sexual health and the power ofBioidentical Hormone Optimization.We will cover tips and information on orgasm, dryness during menopause, requiring yeast, BV or HPV, and PMS, the stuff women don't really talk about but many experience. There is often a lot of shame and embarassment around female health and the female body and this episode is meant to be a safe haven and a source of empowerment. A woman's body is a masterpiece, an inticate ecosytem that creates life itself. Understanding and caring for our bodies is a sacred duty but it is also an avenue to a full and powerful life. Sheila and Emily talk about ways to get to know your body and find a practitioner that really resonates and supports your whole health and being.
13 March 2019

Feminine Rising: A special women's history month episode

Transformation Talk Radio
I have been a feminist since I came out of the womb. What does the word feminism mean Who/what is a feminist How does it pertain to the world we live in today There has been so much shifting in the past few years around gender, equality in general and a special focus on women's rights has emerged in the past year. This episode is an honoring, a uniting and a calling to all women. Sisters, we are stronger together. How do we want to move forwardThere will be some special surprises throughout the episode You won't want to miss it
28 February 2019

What is Your Relationship to Relationship?: Diving into all things relationship with Katelyn Brush

Transformation Talk Radio
Katelyn Brush is a powerhouse women's business coach that infuses Aryuveda into her unique style of empowerment. In this fun and playful episode, Emily and Katelyn will chat about all things relationship. We have a relationship to and with everything and how we are in relationship with one thing/person is often how we are with all things.Emily and Katelyn will help you get curious about how you relate to relationship. What beliefs are empowering your connections and what may be disempowering them
14 February 2019

"Was That Good For You?" Sneaky Sex Sabotages to Good/Connected Sex

Transformation Talk Radio
In this thriller of a show, Emily and brilliant, sexy, coach and author Natalie Vartanian will divulge the sneaky ways we sabotage "good" or connected sex. Divinely timed right before Valentine's Day, we didn't even plan that, this show is a great way to look at what might be getting in the way in the bedroom and in your intimate life. What are some of the thoughts, feelings and habits that are blocking the flow and the joy of amazing, connected sexSex is vulnerable. There's no butts about it hehe. In this stripped down episode Emily and Natalie will offer a little real talk about what many of us are thinking and feeling but don't often say out loud. We will offer places to look and questions to ponder around your intimate life as well as some tips and suggestions that may support you in experiencing deeply connected and fullfilling sex.Maybe watch it with your partner and see what it ignites
10 January 2019

2018 What a Year!

Transformation Talk Radio
2018 held so much for many of us. It was a year of political struggle, global challenges, personal hardship AND so much growth. Personally, it was a year of courage and bravery. 2018 constantly challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and into something bigger and bolder. This episode is an honoring and release of the past year, acknowledging what I learned, and voicing of the vision for 2019.This is also a great opportunity to get supported on your own 2018. What was difficult for you in 2018 What or who needs to be forgiven What were some of your success and what do you want for 2019 If there were no limitations, what would happen for you in 2019 Who would you beCALL INSo much magical manifestation available in the start of a new year. How can I support you
27 December 2018

Forgiveness: A Conscious Release for a Powerful New Year

Transformation Talk Radio
In this episode, Emily and friend and former teacher, Al Basil will chat about the power of forgiveness, forgiveness as a conscious choice and an act of self love in order to release burdensome energy and open up to trust. 2018 was a challenging year for many people and this episode is meant to offer some relief, release and hopefully some insight into the freedom of forgiveness.What does forgiveness mean to you What holds you back from choosing it What would 2019 look like if you allowed yourself the gift of forgivenessJoin Al and Emily for a deep and hope-filled evening that will usher you into the possibilities of a brand new year.xoxo
13 December 2018

The Power of Community, Why Choose it and How to Create it.

Transformation Talk Radio
When thinking about what I wanted this episode to be about I was reflecting on the previous shows and especially the last show about men and women coming together and it struck me, that trust gives way to connection, connection creates the space for community. The epsiodes that come before, guide me to the next. Many of us humans are moving through life doing, doing, doing and a lot of the time feeling as though we have to do it on our own. "I got it, I got it, I got it" until we don't "got it". We are so wired to believe that we have to do it on our own that we create ourselves as separate and alone.This brings up what a friend and fellow coach refers to as the "I'm the only one" sydrome. "I'm the only one who feels overwhelmed. I'm the only one who feels like I'm failing at life. I'm the only one who feels scared and sad right now. I'm the only one struggling." And yet when we share with other people the feelings of "I'm the only one", when we listen to other people's experience and their struggle, we realize we are not alone, we are not the only one.Community is a support structure that allows us to go from "I'm the only one" to feeling seen, supported, and understood. What does your community look like What is your relationship with the concept of communityWe are stronger together. This episode is about exploring the power of community, why choose it and how to create it.
29 November 2018

Noble Men: What's Next for You and Me

Transformation Talk Radio
Mmmm, I can't explain the feeling I get in my whole being when I think about this episode. This is a story, a calling, and a love letter all in one. The past few years have lead me, us, here. To the place where everything can change. Can you feel it How men and women relate to one another, how we love one another, the patriarchal social structure itself is all shifting. Whether gay, straight, bi, gender fluid, we all have a relationship with both the masculine and the feminine because both aspects live within us.This episode is about the healing and coming together of the masculine and the feminine. It is about the way forward. With all of the upheaval comes a new path, it shines a light on what is truly in our hearts to becon us towards the love we know is there. In this hour I will tell you how I got here, to my calling of bringing harmony and connection to the masculine and feminine, what that calling looks like and what's to come for 2019. Without giving too much away it is what opened my eyes to the beauty of men, and the power of togetherness. Ladies, if you want to fall in love with men again, men if you want to feel seen, loved, and appreciated, then tune in and see what's in store for you.With All My Love,Emily
15 November 2018

When The Heart Breaks, Transformation Through Divorce With Coach Yuki Graviet

Transformation Talk Radio
Divorce is heart breaking. There is no way around it. It is the shifting and ending of a relationship and a life you saw as your future. It is the end of one of the most intimate partnerships we can create as humans. It is the end of a version of yourself.So, what happens when your heart breaks in this way What do you doYuki and Emily get real about their own experiences with divorce and how it created a tidal wave of transformation. What the tears, the screams and the silence gave way to and how the breaking of their hearts cracked them wide open. Real, raw and vulnerable, per usual here on Love Living Radio. Join us Live on Facebook at 7pm ET on the 14th.