Govern America | May 9, 2020 | The Spew Edition
10 May 2020

Govern America | May 9, 2020 | The Spew Edition

Darren Weeks

"The Spew Edition"

Hosts: Darren Weeks, Vicky Davis

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Deep dive on contact tracing plans, the tracking of individuals, and the transformation of the healthcare system into a police state control grid. Follow up on Microsoft 666 patent: Cryptocurrency Using Body Activity Data. New legislation, H.R. 6666 is now pending in Congress to authorize funding for door to door visits by the trace force. The expanded use of AmeriCorp has been long-laid plan. Businesses increasingly opening, defying state executive orders. Hospitals and healthcare centers dismantling overflow areas which were mostly not utilized. What's going on with Oath Keepers? DOJ drops charges against Michael Flynn — only after FBI was exposed for entrapment. Was justice really served? Refugee resettlement contractors are still thriving in the Trump era. Phone calls.