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11 April 2020

UFDV Lady Tracey Show 2

Andrew Jones

“In this evening show, our topic will be Taking Up Our Cross. What is a cross and how can we identify it?

Our cross is that one thing we came to the earth to do, our one ultimate mission.

Jesus' cross was literal, but it was also spiritual. For he had to pay a price that no one else was found fit to pay in Heaven or on Earth. It was that Atonement.

Tonight, so many of us are tossed between two different opinions, not certain which path to take. Or not sure, who to turn to with what we are facing. But I am here to edify someone, and to remind you that you are chosen for a purpose that is greater than you. Greater than being a father, greater than just being a wife, it is the only thing that will truly give you that ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven. It is your cross.

We will be interviewing a few persons tonight as they share their own testimony of carrying their cross.