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19 May 2022

5/19/22 Thursday, Hour 3: Bible Thumper Thursday!

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Taylor from Tennessee says bible thumpers turned him away from God and Christianity. Tara from Virginia says she read Genesis like Jesse told her to and she still doesn't see how the bible says women have no love. Eric from Texas says Jesse misunderstood John 20:17. — Brenda from California says women do have love. Mckinley from Kansas City, MO thanks Jesse. He and his son watch the JLP show every day.
17 May 2022

5/17/22 Tuesday, Hour 1: Dividing the Races with Hate Instead of Uniting them with Truth

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Hatred in America rising…; Biden dividing the races with lies; Benjamin Crump links up with Buffalo victim families. James from Philadelphia, PA asks Jesse why he hasn't condemned the actions of the Buffalo shooter. Jim from Pennsylvania is unsure if he has forgiven. — Back to Jim… P from Texas says she knows she messed up her kids and wonders how to apologize to them.