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43% Of Adults Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19. Shot Coming For Kids
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43% Of Adults Are Vaccinated Against COVID-19. Shot Coming For Kids
Published: 10 May 2021
Duration: 00:07:01
As Biden Shifts On Immigration, Some Advocates See Him Giving Up Without A Fight
Published: 07 May 2021
Duration: 00:03:38
U.S. Backs Waiving International Patent Protections For COVID Vaccines
Published: 06 May 2021
Duration: 00:04:19
Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Ban On Donald Trump
Published: 05 May 2021
Duration: 00:03:39
Fla. Republican Gov. DeSantis Cancels COVID-19 Restrictions Statewide
Published: 04 May 2021
Duration: 00:03:53
Movement Grows For States To Give Back Federal Funds Owed To Foster Children
Published: 03 May 2021
Duration: 00:07:02
Biden's 100-Day Mark: What Role Has Kamala Harris Played So Far?
Published: 30 April 2021
Duration: 00:05:34
U.S. May Have Hit The Mark With Vaccinations To Beat Back COVID-19
Published: 29 April 2021
Duration: 00:04:08
CDC Issues New Recommendations On Face Coverings
Published: 28 April 2021
Duration: 00:03:45
More Experts Call For An End To Outdoor Mask Requirements
Published: 27 April 2021
Duration: 00:03:38
New U.S. COVID-19 Cases Decline, Vaccination Pace Slows Too
Published: 26 April 2021
Duration: 00:07:10
Health Panel's Emergency Meeting Considers Status Of J&J Vaccine
Published: 23 April 2021
Duration: 00:03:54
U.S. To Pledge To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions In Half
Published: 22 April 2021
Duration: 00:04:19
Jury Deliberates As Derek Chauvin's Murder Trial Comes To A Close
Published: 20 April 2021
Duration: 00:04:05
Dr. Fauci Gives Update On The U.S. Vaccine Rollout Efforts
Published: 19 April 2021
Duration: 00:05:28