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We are a one of a kind beer podcast with a "no snob" attitude. We try craft beers from the outlook of the average beer drinker. While we sample and rate beers of all kinds, we banter, tell stories to discuss a wide variety of topics. Strong language, NSFW.



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21 October 2020

Bad Soccer and Tricking The Devil

Hooligans Of Hops

HOH has returned with this years ghostly and ghastly episode. Kev talks about his new profession as a Lanternfly killer, and a story of a crazy quanon lady battling with a brewery in Austin, Texas. They also lace into their most recent frustration with New York Red Bull Soccer,  some Lehigh Valley Soccer history, Rick's terrifying visit to Witch's Head Hill, and some Lehigh Valley historic ghost stories and a man who apparently used to fuck with the Devil himself in German PA folklore.

Beers Tried,

Methusalem Holunderheimer (The Monarchy, Germany)

Hoofa (Bolero Snort Brewing)

He Who Walks Among Monsters (Timber Ales)

Eleven Lives and Still Wandering (Abomination Brewing/Fat Orange Cat Brewing Collaboration)

02 October 2020

RPG Theories

Hooligans Of Hops

The Hooligans "ease" into October. Kev's fired up about his most recent visit to BK and his new "friend" Diane. Rick reminisces of playing Dungeons and Dragons back in the day. They talk about old pro wrestling video games, the age old hot dog condiment wars, and feedback from an impromptu visit to Descendant's Brewing Company in Milford, NJ!

Beers Tried:

Nitro Sweet Potato Ale (Vault Brewing)

Lemon Shandy (Thirsty Dog Brewing)

Moonletters (Almanac Brewing)

Dogtoberfest (Flying Dog Brewing)

15 September 2020

No One Hangs Out With Groundhogs!

Hooligans Of Hops

The Hooligans ease into the Fall season with this episode. The conversation of Fall beers come into play along with their discontent for the PA lottery mascot, Kev's lottery hopes dashed to bits during the show, eating nazis as a dinner choice, beers tried off the air and other assorted trinkets.

Beers tried:

Earl Grey Wheat (Collective Arts Brewing)

Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze (New Belgium Brewing)

As Is Ever So (Free Will Brewing)

Nightmare On East Elm Street (Conshohocken Brewing)

01 September 2020

Shittin' Razorblades

Hooligans Of Hops

HOH is back, and with appreciation in a special Listener appreciation edition! They throw shout outs to listeners country AND worldwide! They discuss  beers they drank off the air before the times of the show, they complain about beer hoarders, how Kev got screwed over from a gutter punk selling records online, the Lionel Messi trade, and Kev's beef with a current AEW Wrestling personality?? What's that all about?? Hit play and enjoy!

Beers Tried:

Sparkle Berry (Bell's Brewing)

Double White (Southampton Brewing)

Back To Reality IPA (Three 3's Brewing)

Catharsis Porter (Treehouse Brewing)

25 August 2020

Fish Hooks Up Your Ass

Hooligans Of Hops

After weeks of more computer issues, the Hooligans bring you this month's somewhat backdated show from the beginning of August. Kev bitches about that and Fed Ex. Also how he claims to be the "modern day gladiator" in his recent antics. Rick compares sports vs games, they chat about their very 1st ever beer experiences, the lack of this year's Musikfest, stories about flooding, and an alleged murder by pro wrestler Marty Jannetty? WTF? 

Note: The 1st half sound is shaky due to Kev using his phone, we apologize in advance. We hope you still enjoy it.

Beers tried:

Don't Gose Outside (Ten 7 Brewing)

Blood Orange Hibiscus Sour (Collective Arts Brewing)

Prehistoric Porter (Cave Brewing)

Juice Juicey (Evergreen Brewing)

30 July 2020

Soccer, Wrestling, and Beer

Hooligans Of Hops

The Hooligans forge on in Summer 2020 with another episode. This one, they dig into the beers, have a couple that almost bury them with suck containing some low ratings? You;ll hear about Rick's trouble at the Post Office, National Hot Dog Day, Kev's Liverpool celebration continues, frustration with the heat, and a comic book rant in tow. Oh yeah, it's definitely a not for work listening unless swearing is encouraged.

Beers tried:

Hammer Smashed Citra (Ghost Hawk Brewing in CA)

Grapefruit Supreme (Surley Brewing, in Twin Cities, MN)

Fuck Covid (Ale Asylum in Madison, WI)

Fire, Skulls, and Money (Toppling Goliath Brewing in Decorah, IA)

16 July 2020

Summer Of Madness

Hooligans Of Hops

In this episode, The Hooligans forge on through the summer of Covid. They talk about the annoying asswipes with fireworks, recent experiences at the beer stores. Also touch on the re-started English Premiere league, throw a cheers to an old friend Kev knows in the wrestling business. An interesting rye beer and one wrestling related as well.

Beers tried:

Bikes! Lemonade Shandy (Funk Brewing)
Final Rites Rye Ale (Ghost Town Brewing)
Steve Austin's Broken Skull IPA (El Segundo Brewing)
Wandering Into The Fog (Abomination Brewing)

09 June 2020

Praises of Duct Tape

Hooligans Of Hops

The Hooligans return with their skype antics. They speak about the true ingenuity of duct tape, the "rough days" of drinking older beers people don't drink anymore, Ren & Stimpy, Rick's favorite mixed drink, shitty drink ideas, their favorite Boston based breweryand other random comments and facts.

Happy Hollow Heller Talstein Riesling Wine (Pocono, PA)

Crush Strawberry Sour (10 Barrel Brewing, Oregon)

Ghost Town Inhume IPA (California) 

NWAR Belgian Style Stout (Whiner Brewing Co., Chicago, IL)