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29 December 2020

Evangelism and More Church Planting

Dag Heward-Mills

Evangelism is when a Christian goes around proclaiming and preaching about Jesus whereas church planting is staying permanently and creating a base for the people you have evangelised to to gather in.

In our Tuesday teaching Bishop Dag will reveal the importance of evangelism and why church planting is an essential part of every ministry.

Successful church planting demands skill and today's message will analyse the key components of how to plant a church and evangelise effectively. Be encouraged by todays teaching to become a minister who makes church planting and evangelism the vision for their life!

26 December 2020

How are We to Relate with the World Part 1

Dag Heward-Mills

This Saturday’s Machaneh message is entitled 'How Do We Relate With The World - Part 1'

Bishop Dag will teach you how you can live righteously and godly despite living in this present world.

To be a strong Christian or servant of God requires spirituality and a deliberate conscious effort to overcome and be separated from a worldly way of living. 

In today's teaching you will be enlightened on how you can be set apart from things of this world in order for your spirit man to triumph over the carnal influences that surround you.