Six Weeks To Fitness
How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in Six Weeks with Professional Dancer/Yoga Instructor Carmen Carriker, Episode 175
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Past Episodes
How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle in Six Weeks with Professional Dancer/Yoga Instructor Carmen Carriker, Episode 175
Published: 18 September 2021
Duration: 00:45:36
Motivation for a Healthy Mind and Body with Vince Ferguson Episode 174
Published: 29 August 2021
Duration: 00:23:16
Faith, Fitness and Spirituality with Actress/Model Mercedes De La Cruz Episode 173
Published: 22 August 2021
Duration: 00:42:44
Published: 15 August 2021
Duration: 00:31:36
Gut Health, Immunity and the Prevention of Disease with Dr. Christine Bishara
Published: 08 August 2021
Duration: 00:41:14
Giving Inner City Kids the Opportunity to Learn Fencing
Published: 26 July 2021
Duration: 00:34:18
Coach O'Neil Brown, The Fitness Preacher-Excuses Don't Get Results
Published: 28 March 2021
Duration: 00:35:45
The Importance of Eating the Right Foods to Heal Your Body, Episode 168, Yvette Frith-Raymond
Published: 03 January 2021
Duration: 00:38:07
Praise and Worship Dance Cardio Classes with Professional Dancer and Choreographer Jacqueline Selesky, Episode 167
Published: 27 December 2020
Duration: 00:26:05
The Ultimate Fitness and Wellness App for Your Mind and Body, Dominic Kennedy, Episode #166
Published: 20 December 2020
Duration: 00:27:41
How to Build Lean, Toned, Sexy Abs Without Cardio or Crunches, Episode #165 Caitlin Jones
Published: 13 December 2020
Duration: 00:32:33
The Dangers of Heating our Food in Microwave Ovens Using Plastic Containers, Episode #164, Dr. Francoise Sidime
Published: 29 November 2020
Duration: 00:35:23
How To Choose the Right Yoga Style for You with Brett Larkin, Uplifted Yoga Episode 163
Published: 22 November 2020
Duration: 00:37:35
Get Ready, Get Set, Get Fit with Kemtai, Your Virtual Trainer
Published: 15 November 2020
Duration: 00:34:40
How A Las Vegas Fitness Competitor turned her Passion for Food into the Taste Buzz Food Tour
Published: 08 November 2020
Duration: 00:29:19
Published: 01 November 2020
Duration: 00:29:33
How a World Traveler’s Invention is Fighting The Coronavirus
Published: 25 October 2020
Duration: 00:26:17
The Importance of Functional Fitness As We Age
Published: 18 October 2020
Duration: 00:39:04
How A Busy Mom of three Put the FUN into Functional Fitness
Published: 11 October 2020
Duration: 00:38:51
How Fad Diets Can Harm Your Body and Self-Image - Naomi Rotstein
Published: 04 October 2020
Duration: 00:32:01
How A Professional Fitness Trainer Survived the Coronavirus - Interview with Tamika Harden
Published: 27 September 2020
Duration: 00:30:17
How CBD Muscle Rub Uses New Technology To Reduce Pain and Inflammation, Interview with Eric Rice
Published: 20 September 2020
Duration: 00:34:01
Domestic Violence Survivor to Self-Love for the Goddess in us all, Interview with Shia Joyner
Published: 13 September 2020
Duration: 00:36:00
Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness with Kelly Bryant
Published: 06 September 2020
Duration: 00:38:45
How a Military Trainer, Certified Fitness Coach and former professional figure competitor built her 8 Figured brand
Published: 31 August 2020
Duration: 00:33:26
Does Playing Sports Build Strength, Courage, and Self-Esteem in Girls? Episode 150 Interview with Kate T. Parker
Published: 23 August 2020
Duration: 00:20:40
How Healthy is Your Skin? Episode 149 Interview with Heather Marianna
Published: 17 August 2020
Duration: 00:40:52
How To Exercise Right According to Your Body Type, Episode #148 Phil Catudal
Published: 09 August 2020
Duration: 00:34:38
The Quickest way to Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Get Healthy, Episode 147, Dr. Len Kravitz
Published: 02 August 2020
Duration: 00:42:12
Gut Health, Immunity and the Prevention of Disease, Episode #146, Dr. Christine Bishara
Published: 26 July 2020
Duration: 00:40:39
How To Lose 80 Pounds Without Surgery and Fad Diets, Episode 145 Cheryl Millington
Published: 18 July 2020
Duration: 00:33:44
The Root Cause of Insomnia and Sleep Apnea is a Vitamin D Deficiency
Published: 30 June 2020
Duration: 00:43:32
Chris Ackie, All-Star, All-Canadian Linebacker for the Montreal Alo
Published: 26 January 2020
Duration: 00:27:36
Interview with Joe De Sena, CEO, Founder of The Spartan Race
Published: 22 December 2019
Duration: 00:29:49
Interview with PJ Taei, CEO and Founder of Uscreen
Published: 08 December 2019
Duration: 00:23:05
Interview with Mike Diamond, Speaker, Life Coach, Interventionist
Published: 01 December 2019
Duration: 00:52:43
Interview with World Champion Handball Player Josef Gotsch
Published: 17 November 2019
Duration: 00:30:39
Interview with Reggie Nance, Associate State Director, Multicultural Outreach AARP
Published: 11 November 2019
Duration: 00:27:06
Interview with Giovonni Thompson, CEO of Camden Monarchs
Published: 06 November 2019
Duration: 00:19:45
Interview with Constance Jones, Philanthropist, Author
Published: 21 October 2019
Duration: 00:32:20
Interview with Actor/Producer/writer Jasper Cole
Published: 30 September 2019
Duration: 00:57:59
Interview with Actress DominiQue Williams from "Shaft"
Published: 23 September 2019
Duration: 00:26:15
Interview with Loena Rodgers, owner of Egg-cellent Breakfast company
Published: 15 September 2019
Duration: 00:45:43
Actress Racquel Bailey/Tyler Perry Billboard Leap of Faith
Published: 08 September 2019
Duration: 00:22:33
Interview with Dr. Candice Jones on Childhood Obesity
Published: 01 September 2019
Duration: 00:31:21
Interview with Dr. Dora Gray, Author and Life Coach
Published: 18 August 2019
Duration: 00:29:49
Interview with Actor, Fitness Model Adam Lindo
Published: 16 July 2019
Duration: 00:43:31
Interview with Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias, Nui Cookies
Published: 15 January 2019
Duration: 00:21:33
Interview with Jennifer Cohen, Best-Selling Author, Performance Coach
Published: 18 November 2018
Duration: 00:30:45
Kidpreneur Business Expo
Published: 13 November 2018
Duration: 00:15:29
Interview with Shanae Jones, Owner of Ivy's Tea Co.
Published: 04 November 2018
Duration: 00:26:01
Interview with Jacque Peppel, Health and Wellness Coach
Published: 15 October 2018
Duration: 00:28:16
Interview with former NFL Running Back (Baltimore Raven), Matt Lawrence
Published: 30 September 2018
Duration: 00:47:34
Interview with Track & Field Superstar Pariis Garcia
Published: 16 September 2018
Duration: 00:34:28
FITBK Inaugural Awards Gala Celebration Interview
Published: 09 September 2018
Duration: 00:28:14
Interview with Orvel Douglas, Fruitarian Lifestyle
Published: 02 September 2018
Duration: 00:33:24
Interview with ReKishia McMillan, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Published: 12 August 2018
Duration: 00:35:25
Living Your Life With Purpose
Published: 20 May 2018
Duration: 00:15:10
Interview with Idera Abdullah, Founder of Imani House and 6th Annual Walk To Live
Published: 13 May 2018
Duration: 00:26:43
Interview with Kimi Walker, Accountability Coach and Wellness Enthusiast
Published: 01 May 2018
Duration: 00:39:17
Vince Discusses the connection between Obesity and Stress
Published: 26 March 2018
Duration: 00:12:48
Interview with Actor and Author Jermaine Rivers
Published: 09 December 2017
Duration: 00:39:24
Carla Christine, Founder/Creator of the Yoga Greenbook
Published: 03 December 2017
Duration: 00:24:47
Dr. Jason McKeown, CEO MODIUS and Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder, Quest Nutrition
Published: 30 September 2017
Duration: 00:38:22
Interview with Kershel Anthony, Founder and Creator of KerboomKidz Inc.,
Published: 24 September 2017
Duration: 00:27:40
Interview with Shlanda Burton, Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Specialist
Published: 03 September 2017
Duration: 00:34:14
Interview with Katrina Williams, Owner of Top Mogul Kat Dance Studio
Published: 27 August 2017
Duration: 00:31:47
Interview With Danielle Crosby, Certified Personal Trainer
Published: 19 August 2017
Duration: 00:24:18
Interview with Jabir (JayTheBody) Bryan, Owner of Secret Formula Fitness
Published: 13 August 2017
Duration: 00:29:02
Interview with Ashley Watkins, Owner of Body by Ashley
Published: 06 August 2017
Duration: 00:50:05
Interview With Vince Ferguson, Author, Speaker
Published: 25 July 2017
Duration: 00:10:20
Interview with Actress, Writer, Lanett Tachel
Published: 04 June 2017
Duration: 00:39:25
Ms. Bo Talley, Entrepreneur, Actress, Fitness Motivator, Philanthropist
Published: 29 May 2017
Duration: 00:47:14
Actor Gustavo Velasquez, 2017 Daytime Emmy Award Nominee
Published: 21 May 2017
Duration: 00:26:23
Creator and Host of Taste and Toast, Ashanti Middleton
Published: 14 May 2017
Duration: 00:16:37
Dorcas Meyers, Founder of Roc-A-Natural LLC
Published: 10 May 2017
Duration: 00:20:35
Meredith Shirk, Creator and Founder of Svelte Training
Published: 06 May 2017
Duration: 00:31:07
Detroit Piston Forward Tobias Harris
Published: 22 April 2017
Duration: 00:21:34
Charity Lynette, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Owner of Curvy Chick Fitness
Published: 08 April 2017
Duration: 00:31:40
Caprice O'Bryant, Owner of Excuse Free Fitness
Published: 19 March 2017
Duration: 00:32:33
Actress Imani Hakim (Everybody Hates Chris) (Netflix Movie Burning Sands)
Published: 09 March 2017
Duration: 00:33:51
Interview with Dr. Phoenyx Austin, Founder of the Fit Beauty Shop
Published: 06 March 2017
Duration: 00:46:40
Actress Rachel Currence, "BET's The New Edition Story"
Published: 19 February 2017
Duration: 00:34:24
Theresa Wells, Owner of Tone At Home Fitness
Published: 05 February 2017
Duration: 00:46:52
Tom Bilyeu, Co-Founder of Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory
Published: 29 January 2017
Duration: 00:37:17
Interview with Dr. Arabia Mollette, Emergency Physician, TV Host
Published: 22 January 2017
Duration: 00:32:30
Jameelah Struthers NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor
Published: 16 January 2017
Duration: 00:38:35
Bruce Cardenas, Chief Communications Officer, Quest Nutrition
Published: 11 January 2017
Duration: 00:26:12
Nicole Rodrigues, CEO and founder of NRPR Group
Published: 08 January 2017
Duration: 00:48:12
Zhivi Williams, CEO, Author, Motivational Speaker and Personal Trainer
Published: 05 January 2017
Duration: 00:44:10
Dre Baldwin, Former Professional Basketball Player/Mental Toughness Expert
Published: 02 January 2017
Duration: 00:50:37
Chef Isra Gordon, owner of Delicious Endings Catering and Tea House
Published: 04 December 2016
Duration: 00:23:07
Reea Rodney, Author, Juniper and Rose: Sisters and Best Friends Forever
Published: 19 November 2016
Duration: 00:22:33
Fall Into Fitness Interview with Shaniqua Garvin
Published: 06 October 2016
Duration: 00:14:37
Shaniqua Garvin, Owner, CEO of Brown Media Mama
Published: 28 August 2016
Duration: 00:22:10
Angela Mathis, Discusses the Benefits of O2 Drops
Published: 26 August 2016
Duration: 00:41:54
Ashanti Johnson, Creator and Founder of 360.Mind.Body.Soul
Published: 21 August 2016
Duration: 00:35:42
Former model Ed Lewis, Sr and Wide Receiver Ed Lewis, Jr.
Published: 14 August 2016
Duration: 00:24:15
Interview with Sirobe Carstafhnur, Creator of Mnd Your Shape
Published: 07 August 2016
Duration: 00:35:46
Adam Davenport, Actor, Writer, Director
Published: 17 July 2016
Duration: 00:52:59