How to Start a Podcast

How to Start a Podcast

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“How to Start a Podcast” is a serial podcast that teaches you how to create a podcast from scratch. Presented by Buzzsprout, this podcast is perfect for the newbie podcaster, the established podcaster who wants to make sure they have all their bases covered, or someone who wants to learn more about what it’s like to make a podcast. Start your podcast for FREE at



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11 January 2020

#6 Get into Apple Podcasts


In this episode we cover: 

  1. Where to get great podcast artwork 
  2. What to include in your show description 
  3. How to submit your podcast to the top 5 directories 

Stuff we mention in this episode:

  • Fiverr
  • 99Designs ← Use this link for $20 off any design contest with 99Designs

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10 January 2020

#5 Edit your podcast episode

09 January 2020

#4 Record your first episode

08 January 2020

#3 The best microphone for podcasters