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04 May 2020

Review: Nigeria largest Entertainment industry Funky4 and the Gangs released all Eu stars mixtape, arranged by Dj Marshal.

Good Morning RadioFm
For some time, some mixtapes sucks, because of the quality ad music transitions. In the case of  Funky4 Gang "All Eu stars" mixtape was uniquely  mixed and arranged professionally as the BPM was also ear friendly.
Nigerian Afrobeats stars undicovered was finally unveiled by releasing the above titled mixtape. Since the coronavirus also known as convid19 pandemic fueled lockdown globally, the CEO of Funky4 entertainment kept producing conscious songs to boost his artists fanbase. Dj Marshal, known for his momentum music collections reached out to "Water" crooner , Mr Adebayo popularly known by his stage name TTY Noni, if they could project a mixtape, subsequently the entertainmen mogul TTY Noni concured and they sucessfully completed the project with aims of promoting Nigerian Eu music creators.  
The mixtape featured  mainstream Afrobeat act all over Europe, Dj Neptune can testify to the music list as one of it's kind, the compilation varies from Afrobeat, Dancehall, Pop and some higlife  fusion, the mixtape had some successful tracks with millions, thousands of views on Youtube with posibility to top  chart on music platforms like  Itunes, Iheart radio , Soundcloud and Deezer. The performances from each track could be preferable to  songs of the moment. 
Nigeria entertainers in diaspora  had woken like tempest from slumber and descided to control their destiny with their microphones. Eu All Stars mixtape almost seem a menance or a  revolutionary music blow to the likes of Davido, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage, Kiss Daniel, Burna Boy and others, as the comparison between "Eu All Stars" compilation with what Nigerian Afrobeats  offer Afrobeat consumers globally in recent time has no space in due course. The mixtape featured Nigerian multiple award winners like Naxis Dg, Gee Jay, Abjos Beatz, TTY Noni, Snow Way, Xandral Moral and many more.
25 December 2019

Nigerian reggae and Afrobeat act Frezzy , is set for Disney 2020

Good Morning RadioFm
Nigerian born versatile singer Edoka ogbodo, commonly known by his stage name Frezzy is a Nigerian Reggae and Afrobeat fusion singer. He was born on April 14 1996 at Benue State. Known for his popular club songs like "Chop Knuckle" " Na Luck". In 2018 he won Radio Eko Fm music award for Best singer of the Year. He is known as the Nigerian celebrity with the smallest Net worth.
Edoka ogbodo, commonly known by his stage name Frezzy is a Nigerian Reggae and Afrobeat fusion singer. He was born on April 14 1996 at Benue State. Known for his popular club song ” Na Luck”.
Networth: 100 Naira only.
Early life:
He is the last born of three sibling. Frezzy attended Aiodu primary school ukwo owukpa before proceeding to st james international college at Ukwo Owukpa, he was born and brought up in ogbadibo local government, alongside his parents and siblings in Benue state.
Music career:
He started his professional music career at the age of 17 years, with two other friends , that shared his music ideology to become musicians, while he continued his studies. The local band was made up of two Rappers and him as the singer , after a while, the group disbanded for lack of financial sponsors. Frezzy went solo. To develop his entertainment skills , he started listening and watching Jamaican mainstream artistes like Sean Paul and Shaggy on Tv, which inspired him to debut his hit song titled “Na Luck”. The song was widely received in Nigeria, mostly in the Northern part. In 2018 he was invited to perform the song at Eko Fm music award.


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02 December 2019

Oba Ewuare II Commences Igue Festival 2019 In Grand Royal Style with the music titled "Iguè" by -Winning Jah

Good Morning RadioFm
15 November 2019

Review and Interview: Nigerian Afrobeat Award winning singer -Olumireggae

Good Morning RadioFm
06 November 2019

November 3. 2019, Live streaming - APCN HUMANITARIAN AWARD 2019

Good Morning RadioFm
Aid People Change Naija Humanitarian Awards, APCN, is designed to promote the distinct rich Humanitarian award worldwide, engaging millions of fans by propelling humanitarians to glorious pinnacles beyond the borders of Africa.
Welcome aboard, humanitarian heroes.
APCN Humanitarian Awards is one of the Irish  largest humanitarian award  events Working closely with the Council of Creative People.We strive to give recognition to people, who work and dedicate his/her life for the betterment of humanity. He/she could be anyone from any kind of profession, from all age, and from any parts of the world. May it be an ordinary man/female , Entertainer,Public figures or a nation leader. We value hard works laboured for peace and humanity, reaching hunger souls crying for help.
List of the 2019 APCN HUMANITARIAN AWARDEES, PRESENTED BY   South Dublin Cllr since 2004, Peace Commissioner, Cllr Trevor Gilligan PC
Red carpet host :Harifa Daly
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – lord Mayor’s South Dublin county council “Winner”for “Best Irish Mayor” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Dynamic Brothers International Club “Winner”for “Best Africa /Irish Social Club” (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – St Merald charity Organisation “Winner”for “Best humanitarian Team of the Year” 2019
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Igbo Union Ireland Dublin “Winner”for “Best Exemplary Social Club” (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Amazing grace Juliet Foundation “Winner”for “Best Charitable Collaboration of the year” (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Ibin Association Dublin “Winner”for “Charity Champion”of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Promise Bon “Winner”for “Best Nigerian Female Comedian”of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Victory Regan Help Foundation (VRHF) “Winner”for “truly outstanding”of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Osasu Emwindomwaifo “Winner”for “Ambassador of Hope” (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Winning Jah “Winner”for ” Best Charitable Singer” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Debbie Hegarty “Winner”for “Best African/Irish Fashion Designer ” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Jolly Osazua “Winner” for “Best Nigerian Entrepreneur of the Year” (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Tom Africa Shop “Winner”for “Best African hygienic Shop ” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Kemix African Shop “Winner”for “Best Exemplary Market ” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Praise Connect Charity Organisation “Winner” “Perfect Partnership” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Igbo Union Dublin “Winner”for “Best Ethnic group” of the Year (2019)
APCN -HUMANITARIAN AWARDS – Initiative Poverty Elimination Foundation “Winner” for “Best inspirational club ” of the Year 2019


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03 November 2019

Biography -Interview with Nigerian Reggae act , Obaland Award Winner -Mlex Songz

Good Morning RadioFm
15 September 2019

Top Nigeria Reggae ( Episode 1)

Good Morning RadioFm