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A Ministry for the physically, spirituality and mentally challenged community.



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26 May 2017

Self Image Gods Image of us

Don Peszko Jr.
Friends with everything that is going on in the world today people are starting to have a low self-image of themselves. It seems to me more and more people are having a problem with low self-esteem, or low self-image about them self’s today. Which can affect all aspects of your life from work, home, and even your spiritual life? It can also cause anxiety, depression and if not treated in some extreme cases it can lead to suicide. Today I would like to share with you what the bible says about the difference on how we see ourselves and how God see’s us Let’s start at the beginning in the book of Genesis.
23 May 2017


Don Peszko Jr.
I was watching a TV show or read it in an article that said the generation after the yuppie generation was after the baby boomer generation. the generation after the yuppie generation was generation x witches become my generation. The baby boomer is the generation during or after World War II and this generation to philosophy was that they would help others and that they taught their children the older role and the role of service in person’s life. Then we had the yuppie generation and they or more focused on work and how far they can get ahead in life and on business. Then we come to the x generation which in the article and on TV said that that was the generation that is called me generation which is the generation that I'm a part of so I stopped and took a look and started thinking about the way I and my friends act and do.