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Jayne Carroll earned her stripes as the “First Lady of Talk Radio” more than 20 years ago. She's a conservative political analyst and former policy advisor, speechwriter, manager and media specialist.

Listen to her show LIVE Mondays & Thursdays at 7PM PT / 10PM ET and hear the Conservative Council every other Tuesday at the same time.




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31 March 2020

Monday, March 30th

Jayne Carroll Show
7:00-7:25: Dan Sandini
7:30-7:45: Gary Goldman, Political Analyst, host of “Business, Politics, & Lifestyles” on WCRN 830 in Metro Boston, MA, and author of "My Big Mouth and The Ugly Truth: Taking the Stress out of Opinions VS Facts"
Topic: Are Dems Using Virus Crisis to Push Far Left Wish-List?
8:00-8:15: Dan Perkins, retired veteran and nationally recognized expert on Foreign Policy, Markets and Energy. He is a contributor to,,, and
Topic: Hey Brother Can You Spare A Trillion? Will This Massive Stimulus Bill Come Back To Haunt Us?