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15 February 2022

Ase' Business and News TOPIC OF TODAY - Sha'Carri Richardson

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

What are the arcane anti-doping rules for marijuana? What is a subject?

An individual matter considered as the object of legislation. The constitutions of several of the states require that every act of the legislature shall relate to but one subject, which shall be expressed in the title of the statute.

Also See One that owes allegiance to a sovereign and is governed by his laws.

What is Waiver of Subrogation Definition - 

A waiver of subrogation definition is a contractual provision that prohibits insurers from seeking redress from a negligent third party.

Conventional Subrogation

See Collateral Source Rule Definition

What Is Abandonment and Salvage?

Abandonment and salvage describes the forfeiture of property and the ensuing claim over that property by a second party. Salvage and abandonment clauses are most commonly found in marine insurance contracts.

What Is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is a financial term describing an individual who promises to pay a borrower's debt in the event that the borrower defaults on their loan obligation. Guarantors pledge their own assets as collateral against the loans. On rare occasions, individuals act as their own guarantors, by pledging their own assets against the loan. The term "guarantor" is often interchanged with the term "surety."

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13 January 2022

Lets Groove

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess
12 January 2022

Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather have been sued by investors over 'misleading.

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

Msn- Ase' Business and News 



Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather are being sued over allegations they misled investors when promoting a little-known cryptocurrency called EthereumMax to their millions of social media followers.

A class action lawsuit filed last Friday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California accuses EthereumMax and its celebrity promoters of working together to artificially inflate the price of the token by making “false or misleading statements” in social media posts.

Kardashian caused a stir last year when she made an Instagram post promoting the EthereumMax token. “Are you guys into crypto????” Kardashian wrote. “This is not financial advice but sharing what my friends just told me about the Ethereum Max token!”

Kardashian included the hashtag #ad in the message, suggesting she was paid to promote it. It’s not clear if Kardashian was paid by EthereumMax, though estimates have placed her fee per sponsored Instagram post in the $500,000 to $1 million range.

Ase' Business and News -

It is very imporatnat that people just don't jump on the band wagon without some type of training about Cryptocurrencies .

Pople would need to learn how to invest. 

Investing in cryptos is becoming as easy as investing in equity shares thanks to technology and the rise in demand. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin are just a few of the crypto currencies available to be traded by investors like you and me. But how can one jump into the world of cryptocurrencies? 

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10 February 2021

50s60sClassicRadio- Music from the past with a blast.

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

We are glad you could tune in with us to enjoy some of the best music from a classic era of sound. .. We are time traveling into the 50s60s era which is one of the best era's of music with artist who helped pioneer the source of great sound in the music industry. I would like to dedicate the show to  Ms. Mary Wilson the Co-Founder of the Supremes. Motown girl group staring act extraordinaire of the 60s and one of the best groups that most often helped others to perfect and personify their methodology of stage performance and singing in girl group's. The original members of The Primettes, all from from the Brewster-Douglass public housing project in Detroit, were Florence Ballard, Mary Wilson, Diana Ross, and Betty McGlown. Tonight we honor the sound of the 50s and 60s with Motown artist and other artist that encompassed the era. 

Artist include: Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell, Michael Jackson, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Mary Wells, Ike & Tina Turner, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, The Supremes, The Shirelles, The Chiffons, Frankie Valli, Lou Rawls, Fabian, Dee Dee Sharp, The Larks, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Darin, Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, Trini Lopez, Ben E King, Otis Redding, Fabian The Miracles.

Groove with us today later tis week with some soft rock-rock-a little rnb & hip hop from the past. 

Thank you for joining us. 50s60s70s80s-Classic-Radio Episode 1

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08 February 2021

80sClassicRadio- Music from the past with a blast..

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

We are glad you could tune in with us to  enjoy some of the best music we enjoyed.. We my era which is the 80s..

Lol- While your listening we want you groove with us today for some soft rock-rock-a little rnb & hip hop from the past. Thank you for joining us. 80s-Classic-Radio Great people who remember the time when music set us all a blaze...Hopefully this show will spark a bit of that in you.. today. 

Artist include

Linda Ronstadt, BON JOVI, Stevie Nicks, Styx, Prince,  The Bus Boys, The Motels, The Police, Tracey Ullman, John Mellencamp, Duran Duran, Men At Work, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Jett, YES

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07 February 2021

Ase' Poetry & Music R&B 80's

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

Tonight we are bringing you some of the best in the 80s R& B.. The cause of course is to bring people together with great music..Its sunday Foot Ball eve game time, and we want to help you unwind and relax your mind..Our show includes some amazing artist. 

Jeff Redd, Lee Ritenour, Midnight Star, Atlantic Star, Michael Cooper, Carl Anderson Ft Brenda Russell, Keith Washington, Jaheim, Quincy Jones Feat. R. Kelly Ron Isley Aaron Hall & Charlie Wilson and The Amazing Manhattans. Join us on the Ase' Groove as we unite with great music that sounds ooh so right..

Ase' Poetry & Music

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24 January 2021

Ase' Poetry & Sing Praise Ep 001

Ase' Groove W/ Miss Tish & The Slow Jam Goddess

Welcome to our first Sunday inspiration music & poetry episode. Our show brings to you our listening audience-poetry- inspirational music-business advertising. It is our hope to inspire & uplift you with multiple genres of inspirational lyrics- great gospel & poetry. 

If you are a business owner and you would like to place your business ad in our Sunday show please inbox us on Face Book. We love hearing from our listeners and we look forward to helping you build your business in our podcast community online. 

Thank You, for tuning inn,  Ase' 

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