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Seems like whatever crazy, outrageous, hysterical things people post these days is what goes viral! In StarrDumB I search the web for blogs, stories, comments, reviews, etc. And then discuss them with friends.





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15 February 2022

Soaps, bombs and bears oh my! w/ Bear Soap Company

Jukebox Ginger
Thanks Matt and Rick for hanging out with Jason and myself discussing soap, bathbombs, beards and bears. Check out, or Also check out all their Instagram as well! BEARSOAPCO MIDCOASTMODERNKC and SOAPBARKC
14 January 2022

Words from the Weiss with Flat Earth David Weiss

Jukebox Ginger
Join Vinnie and Noel from Invasion of the Podysnatchers and Darkseid of the Moon, Roman from Mr.Goodbeer and me Jukebox Ginger from the StarrDumB Podcast as we invite special guest David Weiss to discuss Flat Earth. Check out more on these links below. Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app   YouTube. FaceBook. Website Elon Musk is a fraud.   Rockets are balloons. 102 year old Truth: Flat Earth Sun & Moon Clock app *NOW AVAILABLE* on Google Play and Apple.  Download it today and start flat smacking!
05 January 2022

Broken Bottles & Bologna Nipples with Weeman

Jukebox Ginger
Hang out with me and Weeman as we discuss Jackass 4, FML stories and whatever else! Follow Weeman on Instagram and check out Merge4