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Starseeds Angels Savant Syndrome

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Buckle up 👓The Truth is within. And out there... As above—so below, as within so without-a-doubt you're gonna wanna tune in to S.A.S.S. and keep updated with our latest episodes. 🏙️🎙️🎧 Join Podcast Host The Mystic Man with Co-host Adam the First and our special guests on a journey deep into the unknown to shine light on the darkness where all the most important things like to hide. Here on S-A-S-S we focus on all the censored and taboo topics that you'll never hear on the mainstream! Leave a voice message: GO VIP!:




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06 November 2021

The Song of Unsung Heroes The Mainstream Ignores

The Mystic Man
10 September 2021

Season Premier: "Miss Me? It's Good To Be Back." S.16|Ep.01

The Mystic Man
01 March 2021

Chill Episode 🌴 Kickback w/ Some New (Licensed) Music

The Mystic Man
12 February 2021

3 Letters Sent to the 3-Letter Agencies

The Mystic Man
Yes that's right I sent actual physical mail. Well. I paid for an online service to print and send the letters lol. I had something to say, and I believe that is what every one of us should do. Because email could just get sent to the spam folder. But who ever sends a letter to the 3-letter agencies? Pshh, like, no one probably. Plus, it was important. I had to let them know that they were being terrorists and were terrorizing the people of the United States of America and the rest of the world. Sometimes people can get so caught up in a thing that they don't see themselves for what they've become. I had to let them know that we wish they would stop.  The only reason any would commit such cruel and wicked things to the people could only be selfish, lowly, and undignified reasons, benefiting themselves or a select few, being driven by shallow values, inhumane ideals, and given towards excuse. And that goes towards all directions. If a thing would take lowly narcissistic actions in order to succeed in then it is a failure of an act itself, failing the virtues known to be universally human virtues from the heart. If it is sacrificing of others other than oneself then is it truly a "sacrifice"?  No. A sacrifice by definition is the giving up from one's own stock and a relinquishing of what is had and loved by an individual to another, it is a gift from what's owned by the self and to no longer own. It is not worthy to claim a "gift" in sacrifice if it is wrongfully had or stolen in the first place since only by the sweat from one's own brow in rightful manner does any truly earn their keep to claim had what then rightfully belongs to them. And only from the agreement by gift of the benefactor is it rightfully bestowed. These elements are universally understood by all in humanity and only through psychological denial are they ever ignored of in definition. Such is the means of false love. Which is ironic as that we can see clearly by dynamic that it is solely love being striven for at the core of all ideals. So then it is the difference in value between that of gold, and that of fool's gold.  ~~~~~~~  "Belief" is to do with religion. "Science" is not about beliefs, it is about the data. Getting past the technological hoops set up by the technocracy 3 letters to the 3-letter agencies Dignity is solely in validity ~~~~~~~~ Like my podcast? Support my show through a one-time donation Subscribe to Hecka Much Magazine on YouTube Follow The Mystic Man Hip-hop music on Spotify ~~~~~~~ *All audio, including music, audio stems, and voice audio licensing is owned by the podcast. For license inquiry send an email to providing your name and organization and the name or link to the published track. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
06 February 2021

The Ethnic-Blending Interracial Baby-Making Movement™ Is The Cure To Racism | Doctors save lives

The Mystic Man
Featured📃 _______________________________________ 1️⃣ Dr. Lee MerrittM.D. is former President of the ¹Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (¹AAPS) -after graduating from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York upon which she was elected there for a lifelong membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, she completed her Orthopedic Surgery Residency in the military where she served 9 years as a U.S. Navy physician and surgeon. She began her extensive medical career and lifelong medical journey carrying her father's "black bag"/doctor's bag -accompanying him on house calls in Iowa from the young age of four. She (*much like Judy Mikovits, MD is and never stopped being.) -IS THE EXPERT that the experts refer to. (Take that damn mainstream media frauds.) [] _______________________________________ 2️⃣ B'Gaizizzle himself being catered to (and is being allowed to play "doctor" even though he's not a doctor.) •—_______________________________________——• 3️⃣ 🧙🏽‍♂️ Muah. Me. Hello🎙️🧔🏽🏙️ _______________________________________ ——• 4️⃣ ⭐Stephanie Word ⭐🎧🎶 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 >>>> ========================== Studies show that mixed-race children have increasing difficulty in applying any and all racist endocrined paradigm onto any race which they actually also ARE. Who knew? ... I mean. I knew. I'm mixed-race. The irony is that studies show mixed-race children have higher I.Q. than both their parents, grow taller than both their parents, and end up with better immunities than both of their parents. It appears that the opposite which is what's called "inbreeding" does not actually give you super humans as the Nazis thought. Mixing races does. Another irony is that I am over 40% Scandinavian viking according to my DNA test, and of a "extremely rare" haplogroup. I'm probably more ODINSON than the racist inbred bigots who aim to depopulate the world. What? They said it, I'm just quoting a TED talk by one of our most favorite adored person in the world! 😀 .... Yeah just kidding. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
30 January 2021

2021: "Naked Rebel" & Psychic Emotional Health | Season 15 (season premiere)

The Mystic Man
15 January 2021

"He Who Spends The Invisible Coin" - A Bitcoin Prophecy Of Nostradamus

The Mystic Man
09 January 2021

Agni The God Of 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥(And A Mysterious Message🐇)

The Mystic Man
31 December 2020

Getting Past Pride, Informal/Logical Fallacies & Having "Backbone" 📰

The Mystic Man
20 December 2020

Doctors, Lawyers, and the efforts of the few sincere Journalists

The Mystic Man