Kathayen Kuch Suni Kuch Ansuni Si

Kathayen Kuch Suni Kuch Ansuni Si

Jyotica | The Voice Artist
12 episodes


कथाएं कुछ सुनी कुछ अनसुनी सी is a collection of interesting stories and incidents from our scriptures that you may or may not have heard but will surely interest you and bring to you a lot of learnings. Written by Shri Anil Saxena and narrated by Jyotica | The Voice Artist, these stories are a must-listen for the complete family. Anil Saxena hails from Chandigarh and is a Management Graduate from an Institute of repute in Pune. Having spent his initial years of professional life in some blue-chip corporates, Anil is presently into Training, content development and consultancy. Anil is passionate about literature, cinema, music, singing, scriptwriting, and poetry. Jyotica is an experienced professional voice over artist and for over a decade now, she has given her voice to top-notch brands for various projects, including Generali Insurance, NYC-Health, Nestlé, Google, Sunfeast, Facebook, YouTube-Kids, Shell, Mirae Assets, Phillips, Flipkart, NDC UK, and Lufthansa. https://jyotica.voiceartist.co.in/



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09 October 2021

Episode 12 : द्रौपदी प्रसंग - क्रमांक तीन

Jyotica | The Voice Artist

आत्मग्लानि के बोझ तले दबे धृतराष्ट्र ने , द्रौपदी को आखिर कौन सा वरदान मांगने के लिए कहा?और फिर द्रौपदी ने, उस स्थिति में, क्या प्रशंशनीय उत्तर दिया...जानने के लिए सुनिये हमारी  इस नई कड़ी - *Episode 12: द्रौपदी प्रसंग - क्रमांक तीन* केवल हमारे पॉडकास्ट - *Kathayen Kuch Suni Kuch Ansuni Si* पर। 

23 September 2021

Episode 10: द्रौपदी प्रसंग - क्रमांक एक

Jyotica | The Voice Artist

यह कौन सी विचित्र घटना है और क्या आप जानते हैं कि द्रौपदी का जन्म अत्यन्त असामन्य परिस्थियों लें किसी एक विशेष परियोजना से हुआ. आखिर वो क्या घटना है और क्या था विशेष कारण, द्रौपदी के जन्म का, जानने के लिए सुनिये हमारी इस नई कड़ी केवल हमारे पॉडकास्ट - Kathayen Kuch Suni Kuch Ansuni Si पर।