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Waiting To Be Signed

Willpop + Trinity
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A podcast dedicated to fx(hash), the generative art NFT platform on the Tezos blockchain. Your support via donations is gladly accepted at waitingtosign.tez





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06 February 2022

E5 - Self Moderation

Willpop + Trinity

Trinity and WillPOP review all the drops of the week (1.31.22 - 2.5.22) on fxhash!

Twitter: @WaitingToSign

Donations: waitingtosign.tez

Episode Art: Steps of Yu by Nor44

Theme Music by The Gas Station, as heard in Sunset Dancers by Laurean0

Trinity's Favorite Drops:

Bren - Drift

Ragnarock - 1: The House

Catnips - SUM

Will's Favorite Drops:

RadarBoy3000 - Hash Machines

Jonasbo - TRACKS (plus Twitter Thread)

Ada_ada_ada - Barriers (plus KenConsumer Interview)

Big Projects:

mrkswcz - de|growth:generations

Lunarean - Solace

Nat Sarkissian - Dubious Floofs

Gpitombo - Industrial 

1x1_ - Mythological Monuments

Ciphrd - Ethereal Microcosm

Other projects of note we didn't get to or only mention in passing:

KilledByAPixel - Astronomic Comics

Thegrecu - Herbarium Invaders

Nor44 - Steps of Yu

Tengil - Charge

PhilipBell - Fury

RevDanCatt - Hexagon - Art for Bots

30 January 2022

E4 - [insert ape pun]

Willpop + Trinity

Trinity and WillPOP review the drops of the week (1.25.22 - 1.28.22) on fxhash! Slower than average week on the platform as far as releases, but above average in controversy! We also premier our new theme music (which sadly didn't play so well for some reason, but we will figure that out) and announce our first Waiting To Be Signed NFT!

Twitter: @WaitingToSign

Donations: waitingtosign.tez

Theme Music by The Gas Station, as heard in Sunset Dancers by Laurean0

Show Notes:

Trinity’s Favorite Drops:

Studio Yorktown - Sabler

Superbialux - The Tip of the Iceberg

Will’s Favorite Drops:

Tomluyten - Machine 11: brutalist distortions

Harry Isaac -  Wavelengths

Big Projects of the Week:

Littlesilver - fxApe

Flockaroo - Mountain Moves

ykxotkx - Abstract City

Revdancatt - A Slight Case of Overbombing

Jeff Palmer - Dissolution 

pepe__xyz - Grove

Projects that didn't make the show, but still worth checking out:

Laxraven & R1B2 - Mining Structures

Jinyao Lin - aura

Mikkel Hartmann - Collisions

Yi-Wen LIN - Sketching

EverlastingBuilding - Everlasting sculpture gallery I

Ada_ada_ada_art - Habitats

Victor Doval - Golden Walk

Dorian Lods - Botany

ALT ESC - Fables

26 January 2022

Interview w/ KenConsumer !!!

Willpop + Trinity
23 January 2022

E3 - Phase 4

Willpop + Trinity

Trinity and WillPOP review all the drops of the week (1.18.22 - 1.22.22) on fxhash!

Twitter: @WaitingToSign

Donations: waitingtosign.tez

Show Notes:

Trinity's Favorite Drops

Flight404 - Growth v02

Abstraction - Clew

Will's Favorite Drops

dcRay - Sky_Tensnoi

Disrupted Star - Other Ways

Big Projects of the Week

Ivona Tau - Study of atom in analog, digital and A.I.

Qianqian Ye - Archetype: Kowloon

Flight404 - Growth v02

Abstractions - Clew

Lisa Orth - Ask Me About The Dimensional Shift

ada_ada_ada_art - Representation

KilledByAPixel - Divide By Circle

Perkwerk - Shift

Landlines - Sedimentary Dissolution

Other Projects Mentioned

Camille Roux - Circular Murmurations

0rfula - Firestarter

Volatile Moods - Expearls Vol. 2

Orr Kislex - Glactic Pistol

Mikkel Hartman - Frozen Windows

Jerome Pizza Punk - Dysphasing Syndrome

Gen_Doodler - Passage Portals

19 January 2022

A Philosophy on Flipping

Willpop + Trinity

Trying something different this week with a shorter, discussion-based bonus episode. Our current thinking and approach to portfolio and wallet management has been a topic for discussion the past two weeks, but has been cut to keep our (already) lengthy weekly rundown episodes from spilling towards 3 hours. Hope everyone enjoys this candid conversation about where we are at right now as collectors, and as always, your feedback + comments are welcome via twitter or Discord.

twitter: @WaitingToSign

Donations: waitingtosign.tez

17 January 2022

E2 - Yesterday's Mountain

Willpop + Trinity

Trinity and WillPOP review all the drops of the week (1.10.22 - 1.15.22) on fxhash! 

Twitter: @WaitingToSign

Donations: waitingtosign.tez

Show Notes:

Our Favorite Drops:

GradientPunxs - GradientPunxs

Ismahelio - Non Spaces

Xeronimo - House of the Rising Sun

Erfanhoseini - Factory

Robin - Osminum

Flight404 - Subatomic Compositions

Pawel Grzelak - Retroscapes

Monday 1.10.22 - 129 projects

Orr Kislev - Digital Phillumeny

Jinyao Lin - Evangel

Julien Espagnon - FairyCells

Volatile Moods - Expearls

Tuesday 1.11.22 - 131 projects

Okazz - First Ignition

Ismahelio - Non Spaces

Erdfgcvb - Towers

Jambonbill - PETSCII Machine

Wednesday 1.12.22 - 105 projects

Toxi - Quasiflock

Gpitombo - The View

Akella - Alien Signs

Thursday 1.13.22 - 121 projects

Unruly Unroll - Palimpsest

Aleksandra - Mid-Century Modern

Johan Holwerda - Cable

Friday 1.14.22 - 108 + 120 projects

Dmarchi - Aspergo

Larswander - Geode

Nicthib - Glen


Nodoru - Cold Mountain

EverlastingBuilding - Everlasting Monobloc Vault

Pepe_xyz - Stitched: Trauma

Saturday 1.15.22 - 111 projects

Ge1doot - Tranquility

Loackme - Schematic

MJLindow - Kunza

Presstube - Lemon Princess

Victor Doval - The Place Where We Were

Flockaroo - Mountain View

Unminted Gems 

Shuhblam - Lineas Abstractas 1



Jambonbill - Textfields

Figure Frame