S2, EP23: Kenya Election Special

S2, EP23: Kenya Election Special

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Kenyans go to the polls to elect their next president on 9 August, and Africa Calling is on hand with a special edition from Nairobi in conjunction with RFI's Kiswahili service. We take a look at the top contenders for president and the issues and concerns that will drive voting. We also have a report by correspondents on preventing violence during the elections as well as the perspective of farmers and what they hope will happen. 

For this week’s podcast, RFI Kiswahili editor Emmanuel Makundi interviews fellow Kiswahili editor Victor Abuso on the issues and concerns surrounding the upcoming election.

In Nairobi, correspondent Ayub Mwangi goes to Kibera informal settlement to speak to  artists and musicians about initiatives to prevent violence during and after the election.

He speaks to Faith Atieno, popularly known as Fei, a celebrated graffiti artist who runs the Kibera 360 arts centre, George Ochieng Ouma also known as Jexx Kenya, an afro-pop musician, Daniel Okoth, a music producer who says he is behind the production of songs that speak against violence. He also speaks to  Everline Mbowa, the executive director of Agape women and child empowerment foundation, a community-based organization in Kibera.

Correspondent Victor Moturi went to Kiambu county to interview farmers on their thoughts about the election, including small-scale farmers Mungai Njoroge and Jane Kabui. For possible political solutions involving farmers to food security issues, he spoke with Dr Elizabeth Kimani-Murage, a senior research scientist and  leader of the nutrition and food systems unit at African Population and Health Research Center, and Dr Martin Oulu, coordinator at Inter-Sectoral Forum for Agroecology and Agrobiodiversity.

You can also listen to African powerhouse Angelique Kidjo chosen by RFI's Alison Hird.

This is our last podcast of the season-- thank you for listening!

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