S2,EP 18: Nigeria's fuel hikes, Nairobi tackles rabies, & Sudan fishermen affected by climate change

S2,EP 18: Nigeria's fuel hikes, Nairobi tackles rabies, & Sudan fishermen affected by climate change

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This week, Africa Calling podcast brings you audio-rich stories and voices from the African continent with our African correspondents. In Nigeria, an unstable power supply and fuel hikes due to the Ukraine war has businesses struggling to cope; Nairobi is tackling rabies by ensuring dogs are vaccinated, and in Sudan, fishermen on the Nile say dams and climate change have changed their profession dramatically.

For this week’s podcast, Nigeria correspondent Poloum David speaks to graphics designer Emmanuel Daniel, social media content creator Gracefill Godwin, and Peace Amaugo, an event planner, whose businesses are all affected by the energy crisis. Energy analyst Saddiq Abba weighs in on how it's affecting Nigeria and Joshua Okpebholo, who manages an NGO in Abuja, speaks about how it has affected productivity in the office.

From Kenya, reporter Carole Mucheru examines rabies prevention, speaking to Nairobi dog owners Nduta and Muania, Director of Veterinary Services for Nairobi Dr. Daniel Karugu, and Dr. Gabriel Ouma, a veterinary surgeon who operates a private clinic in Nairobi.

Sudan correspondent Yassir Haron speaks to fishermen Gasim Sajour and Moatiz Ahmed about fishing difficulties, while Omdurman market fish seller Ibrahim Abdalla speaks of the reduction in fish. Goverment officials Abdalla Mohamed, consultant for the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources, and Director General of the General Fisheries Administration Nafisa Mahgoup, spoke about fishing regulations.

Groovetastic Beja music from Port Sudan in this episode by Noori and his Dorpa Band as selected by Alison Hird.

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