EP 16 - Raise Jank

EP 16 - Raise Jank

Kenny Guion

About this episode

Welcome to "Advanced" R&D, our crew is ready to innovate roster-building on the fly with little to no preparation. Got a friend who plays MCP? Do they hate playing Bitter Rivals? Have they ever lost a game to an opponent running away? Us too.

As part of the takeover series, Nate from the Gamers Guild and Sooner from Turn Zer0 Gaming turn the tables on Merzain aka Josh and make him build a roster!

He must take the Asgardians and Web Warriors, but has to face a multitude of banned boxes of his own choosing. Those boxes include Doctor Strange/Wong, Ms. Marvel, Captain America/War Machine, Thor/Valkyrie, Spider-Man/Ghost Spider, and Loki/Hela.

What will this wild crew come up with? Tune in to find out what they discover diving in the jank tank.