Roll Call

Roll Call

Willie du Toit

About this podcast

We cannot enter the new day, without coming into God's Presence.
Join us every morning at 6 am as we present ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ, our Commanding Officer.

Before we go out onto the day's battlefield, let us check our armor, equipment and our instructions.

Any army, or Organisation need to be aware of their available manpower, and the state or condition they are in. People are the greatest asset of any Organisation as they have skills, gifts, training and experience, unique to each one.

As we go out each day to make a difference in our Communities, and to impact Society, it is important that we report for duty, healthy, fit and ready for the task ahead. In the military, or armed forces, troops are called onto the parade ground before the start of the day, firstly to be inspected for their readiness, and then to be inspired by their Commanding Officer. They also receive their instructions for the day.

As children of God, we are also perfectly equipped, skilled and gifted to make a great impact in our Societies, no matter where we are employed or applied. This program, Roll Call is our call to present ourselves to our Commanding Officer, before we start our activities for the day ahead.

Let us set aside time each day, to receive our motivation, inspiration and instructions from our Lord Jesus Christ!



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