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The Waves podcast

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The waves is a podcast series created on the foundation of self awareness, love, growth and curiosity. A safe space to learn more about our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual strength and weaknesses. A podcast specially created to help us know who we really are before the societal labels and misconceptions. HAPPY LISTENING lovelies!




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22 January 2022

Ranting out to our Nigerian parents! Part one

Blessing Omozele
Nigerian parents and frozen love 😂but it’s still love right? What if their parents didn’t teach them how to gently and delicately express love🙃 The circle continues but end with me😂 Today’s podcast episode is all about Nigerian parents and their love😁 Do you want to contribute and share a relatable experience with you parents Send a Dm to my WhatsApp +234 9012358427 or use the anchor voice message. Send me an email @ --- Send in a voice message:
12 January 2022

The circle of mistakes.

Blessing Omozele
The circle of mistakes: this episode explains why we keep repeating the same mistakes over again even when we know it’s no good or it won’t positively influence our lives. Grab a pen and a notepad and join Omozele in breaking free from the circle of mistakes. Say No to NEGATIVITY and yes to POSITIVITY this new year lovelies ❤️❤️🎊 email me --- Send in a voice message:
08 May 2021

Looking for love in the wrong places.

Blessing Omozele
One major reason people find love in the wrong places is because they can't love themselves and they don't know that GOD is love. In this episode I shared reasons why we find love in the wrong places and how we can step up by forgiveness and God's grace. Happy listening lovelies. Bible reference : 1st Corinthians chpt. 13. I will be thrilled to hear from you so do well to send a voice message with your questions, contributions and inquiries. Thank you ♥️ --- Send in a voice message:
08 January 2021

Quality over quantity goals.

Blessing Omozele
Happy new year great soul ! This is the first official episode of expressions with Omozele Podcast season 2. Do you think setting new year resolutions or goals are totally unnecessary? I'm certain you have plans to make a difference in your life this year though but whatever it is, it should be quality over quantity no matter what. Set your goals, go through the process and always be the best. --- Send in a voice message:
05 January 2021

The protest in Nigeria and the effects on friendship.

Blessing Omozele
NOTE! THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED AND UPLOADED OCTOBER 30TH 2020 BUT DUE TO SOME ISSUES IT WAS REPUBLISHED. Nigeria is going through a lot right now,  the first phase of the  End Sars protests by the vibrant Nigerian youths affected everybody and everything in the country one way or another.  The protest and other recent happenings have affected the connection between people.  This podcast episode is all about the effects it has on friendships. listen and share your feedback via mail If you need a friend to connect with and unleash your emotions you can call or text the following numbers; +2349012358427 +2349060970963 --- Send in a voice message:
11 December 2020

Tomorrow is not promised

Blessing Omozele
Hi lovelies 🤗 Did you know the air we breathe in is totally free? It is totally free and one of the free things we are given but yet not grateful enough for it. There are people who pay to get oxygen, people who sleep but did not wake up the next morning. Tomorrow is not promised, your tomorrow is not known to you yet so live freely, live in the moment and make every minute count. Be happy. Let's be friends 🤗 connect with me on all social media platforms and send in your questions, comments and suggestions. E-mail @ --- Send in a voice message: