The Transporter: Luis Navia with Eric Kolbinksy

The Transporter: Luis Navia with Eric Kolbinksy

Larry Forletta

About this episode

For the first time on Forletta Investigates, Larry welcomes someone who was actually involved in the operations of drug trafficking. Luis Navia worked as a high-level drug transporter for the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels for over 25 years. Mr. Navia joins the program to discuss his criminal activity and subsequent arrest. Eric Kolbinsky was the DEA agent who arrested Mr. Navia and also joins the show to discuss his career, arresting Navia, and eventually getting Navia to cooperate with government officials leading to valable intel for future DEA operations. This is a fascinating interview with individuals from both the right and wrong side of some of the most major drug trafficking operations in history.

You can purchase Luis Navia's book Pure Narco on Amazon at this link.

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