The Reality at the Border with Robert Almonte

The Reality at the Border with Robert Almonte

Larry Forletta

About this episode

Robert Almonte is a retired U.S. Marshall and an expert on Mexican gangs and drug cartels, and this week on Forletta Investigates, Mr. Almonte gives incredible insight into the evolution of the issues the United States has faced and currently faces at the Mexican border. On this episode, not only will you get detailed stories from someone who has worked at multiple levels of law enforcement on the border since 1978, but also an honest take on the current situation at the U.S./Mexico border from a frontline perspective. With the border crisis becoming more and more urgent to the security of the United States each day, this is a can't miss edition of Forletta Investigates full of information that sheds light on a topic that is rarely covered as thoroughly and truthfully as it should be.

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