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I wanted to elaborate on my tagline Truth or lie a little. On the various topics that I will discuss in the future, some of you will believe it to be a lie, and some will take it for what it is, the truth. First, you need to ask yourself what truth or lie is? I heard a politician say on national television, "If I tell you a lie and you believe it, it's not a lie." After I had heard it, it didn't make sense to me until a few years later. From the time we were born, we've learned a lot from our parents, schools, and society. Many of us never once question anything but instead, we teach our children the same thing, and the cycle goes on. Matter of fact if anyone was to try to show you something new you get to the defensive mode. 98% of the time you don't even know what you're defending is true or not. Most of us feel that if my parents did it, and it's been around for so long it must be right. That's where we're all wrong. Many of the things that we've learned from our parents, school, and society aren't the truth. I'm commanding you to research the topic yourself.



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