S3, Ep 1: What Happens in Reno (Season 3 premiere)

S3, Ep 1: What Happens in Reno (Season 3 premiere)


About this episode

Strange things are going down at the Hotel Davenport. In fact, strange things are going down all over Reno. One highly-skilled agent is charged with looking into it...but keeping secrets is about to get a whole lot harder.

[CW: car accident, firearms, body horror] 

$2 Creature Feature is an actual play podcast in association with the AltHaven TTRPG network. We play Monster of the Week, a system created by Michael Sands and published by Evil Hat Productions. 

Our cast is Ray Adams (@mr_ray_rpg) as the Keeper, Nye Elder (@Eric (Nye)) as Agent Moth, Laura McMillan (@generalmcmill) as Janine Kellog, and Meghan Murphy (@kawaiinot) as Reno. 

Editing by Ray Adams and Meghan Murphy. Theme music by Kyle Levien. 

All our links can be found at https://2dollarcreature.carrd.co/ 

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