Pubcast 19 - The Woefully Titled Butt Stuff Episode

Pubcast 19 - The Woefully Titled Butt Stuff Episode (1068 Pub)

About this episode

In this back-to-our-roots episode, the 1068 Pubcasters welcome Earnshaw as we do a 3-player Mad Lib the News and a Freedom's Pub Trivials. Meanwhile, Milliardo works on his mad rapping skills, Milliardo and Freedom both break something, Earnshaw announces the new sister podcast, and Corallus puts out an add for new friends in his dropbox.

Pubcasters: Corallus, Earnshaw, Freedom, Milliardo

Featured Segments:

Lyrical Liquor Intros

Mad Lib the News

New Sister Podcast Announcement

A New Full-Length Pub Song

Freedom's Pub Trivials

Show Notes:

Mad Lib the News Articles -  SPOILERS!

Earnshaw's 1st, Experior (

Freedom's 1st, Lawmakers Fixing our Teens (

Corallus's 1st, Jersey Energy (

Earnshaw's 2nd, Unusual Goodwill Donation (*

Freedom's 2nd, Token Austrailian Article (

Corallus's 2nd, EXISTENTIAL CRISIS! (

Earnshaw's 3rd, Employee Gift Ideas (

Freedom's 3rd, Obligatory Butt Stuff (

Corallus's 3rd, 200-Mile Swim (

Booze Reviews Podcast

Bug Killing Salt Shotgun (youtube)

Definition of a Sandwich (

*This article did, appropriately, note their error, pointed out in the show by Corallus