Pubcast 17 - The O Canada Episode

Pubcast 17 - The O Canada Episode (1068 Pub)

About this episode

In this episode, the 1068 Pubcasters sample the shittiest whisky they can find. You guessed it! Thanks, Canada. We then display our inferior listening comprehension skills and do some stuff with our drinks. Not as weird as it sounds. Except for Corallus. Exactly as weird as it sounds there.

Pubcasters: Corallus, Freedom, Milliardo.

Featured Segments: 

Milliardo's Whisky Corner; 

Raise a Glass, Pour a Glass, Throw a Glass. 

Show Notes:

Freedom's Favorite U2 Song (youtube); 

Guinness Open Gate Brewery (official site);

Thai Divers Rescue Operation (NBC via youtube);

Article Regarding Banner: Trump Well Below Par (USA Today)