100T Takes the Nukelear Option - 100 Thieves LCS Spring 2023 Week 6 Recap

100T Takes the Nukelear Option - 100 Thieves LCS Spring 2023 Week 6 Recap

mightymarg@gmail.com (Cole Isenbarger, Jordan Whicker)

About this episode

100T made big news with their decision to fire head coach Kaas and to let Nukeduck step up as interim head LCS coach after the team turned in what is likely its worst week of League of Legends in the org’s history. Given the presence of established, outspoken veterans on the squad (who are currently underperforming expectations), a lot of fans are crying scapegoat. Jordan and Cole think through what we know and what we don’t know about the situation, and discuss the legitimacy of the changes based on the balance. They also lay out the path for the remainder of the season and realize (in real time) that this is a team that is dancing close to catastrophe - will the Nukeduck change be the Bible in the middle to make sure it’s not TOO close???

Listen here.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:02:37 - Last week’s games :(
0:13:35 - Kaas is out
0:34:17 - Implications for the rest of the split
0:47:39 - Listener Takes
1:19:46 - Predictions
1:23:27 - Outro

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