100T Rebounds for Playoffs - 100 Thieves LCS Spring 2023 Week 7 Recap

100T Rebounds for Playoffs - 100 Thieves LCS Spring 2023 Week 7 Recap

mightymarg@gmail.com (Cole Isenbarger, Jordan Whicker)

About this episode

With Kaas out and Nukeduck in, somehow, the honeymoon has officially begun. A change has done the Thieves good, with the squad turning in a dominant 2-0 weekend including a substantial win against the surging Golden Guardians. The rookies are stepping up, Bjergsen is playing aggressive, Doublelift is a killer Xayah, and Closer is back on his big champs. The wins come in the nick of time, with playoffs suddenly looking much more likely for our beloved boys.

Jordan and Cole analyze which specific signs of life the Thieves were showing during the weekend and debate how much of the Nukeduck turnaround is simply a temporary shake up and how much is genuine balm of Gilead. They also whip out the handy dandy foldy sheet to go over scenarios for super week, finding that 2-1 with a win over TSM has us in excellent shape…

Plus, listener takes and questions as usual. Strap in for another #100Talk!

Also, a note: 100Talk will conclude after the spring split. Please see this Twitlonger for more: https://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1ss8o23 

We love you and miss you already.

Listen here.

0:00:00 - Intro (+ Farewell Announcement)
0:05:42 - 100T vs GG
0:23:45 - 100T vs Team DIG
0:31:43 - Busio on engage (/ off enchanters?)
0:35:56 - Bjergsen on aggression
0:40:11 - Thoughts on Coach Nukeduck
0:54:14 - Playoff scenarios + super week predictions
1:06:00 - Listener Takes
1:31:45 - Outro

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