#100MasterCoaches with Mel Leow, MCC

#100MasterCoaches with Mel Leow, MCC

Mel Leow

About this podcast

Welcome to the #100MasterCoaches show, where I interview Master Coaches from around the world.

Why follow this podcast? Coaching is globally estimated to be a 20 Billion Dollar industry by 2022. And yet, there are many questions left unanswered.

In this show, I endeavor to achieve 3H's ;
⭐️ HARNESS... Key Insights into a Coaching "Jar of Wisdom",
⭐️ HONOUR... those who have "Walked their Talk" for Decades,
⭐️ HUDDLE... Coaches (and Future Coaches) to Celebrate Diversity, Inclusivity and the Values we stand for.

Enjoy the Show!

Mel Leow, MCC
- Founder of Catalyst Coach and
The #100MasterCoaches Show



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