Why was Jordan Peterson Considering Pulling his Money out of the Bank? (Ep. 40)

Why was Jordan Peterson Considering Pulling his Money out of the Bank? (Ep. 40)

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About this episode

On this episode, Teresa, Jake and Gino talk about the impact of current political decisions made against the protestors in Canada. They discuss the protection that is offered with a specially designed whole life insurance policy even during these kinds of unprecedented political upheaval.  If you're like most people, you probably wonder how much your prosperity and financial security depends on outside forces, people and events you can neither predict nor control.  

Key Insights: 

    00:00 Introduction 
    02:30 When the government cuts off funds 
    06:35 How whole life policies can provide protection in times like the current in Canada 
    10:42 What happened in Canada, which was once a liberal free space to live? 
    12:44 How whole life insurance acts a safe haven for your savings 
    17:53 Every dollar should NOT chase risk 
    19:21 “The quality of your life is directly in proportion with the quality of options you have” – Teresa Kuhn 
    22:38 To be successful, you must be responsible with your money early on in life


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