The 100 Year Proven Process

The 100 Year Proven Process

100 Year REI

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In this episode, Jake and Gino talk with the Co-Founder Teresa Kuhn about the customer journey of a 100 Year Real Estate Investor. They dive into our proven five-step process to implement whole life insurance for real estate investors using the Dual Asset Strategy. Teresa explains how our Team can guide you through learning to leverage your 100 Year Policy to invest in real estate, create consistent cash flow income streams, and build long-term wealth.  

Key Insights: 

    00:00 Introduction 
    03:54 Starting with a success mindset 
    07:57 Understanding your personal financial goals 
    11:31 Maximizing the cash value, minimizing insurance cost, and ascertaining flexibility with a 100 Year Policy 
    14:41 Our selection process of the insurance company, with a focus on uninterrupted compounding and cash value accumulation 
    19:19 The 100 Year Special Design and what makes it different than typical Whole Life Policies 
    20:33 Wrap-up


Dual Asset Strategy eBook:

Learn how to leverage permanent, cash-value life insurance to become your own source of financing!


Talk to our Team about adding a 100 Year structured policy to your personal financial plan (and even the plan for your business or children).


The Whole Life Insurance Policies offered by the 100 Year Real Estate Investor are specially-designed. This means they work harder toward achieving your financial objectives, no matter what they may be. Check out this blog for 7 facts about our specially-designed strategies that may not be true about typical whole-life policies:

Life insurance is not an emotional decision, but a sound risk management decision, which provides protection and opportunity for the future. Each Member of the 100 Year Team is a Bank on Yourself® Professional, and are experts in the Infinite Banking Concept®. We are licensed and service clients in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, specializing in working with Real Estate Investors.

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