Buying for the Long Term (Ep. 38)

Buying for the Long Term (Ep. 38)

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In this episode, Jake and Gino unravel the concept of Long-Term Personal Financial Engineering. Think of financial planning for your future as “Personal Financial Engineering.” They talk the ‘buy-low, sell-high’ strategy that most investors try to apply when planning for the future, and the dynamics involved in when the opposite happens- buyers end up buying high and selling low.  

It’s very challenging to maintain to a long-term mindset when so many things in our lives feel unstable and unpredictable, but we have to stay focused on our goals and refrain from having “get-there-it is,” as Jake calls it.    Jake and Gino believe that long-term success with Multifamily relies on informed decision-making and a practical understanding of the three pillars of real estate: market cycle, debt and exit strategy. The duo also discuss the ways you can leverage Whole Life Insurance in your long-term financial plan, and how a 100 Year policy can be used as a cash management tool.  


    00:00 Introduction 
    04:11 Listen to the older person's advice 
    07:50 What is wealthy mindset all about 
    11:34 Transactions pay the bill, equity makes you rich 
    14:00 Whole life policy as a cash management tool 
    16:30 Wrap-up


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