Bonus episode- How to Research your Candidates

Bonus episode- How to Research your Candidates


About this episode

If you wish to be a more informed voter, you’ll want to research your candidates thoroughly before you vote. While they may be running as Democrats or Republicans, there are self-proclaimed anarchists, secessionists, pacifists, socialists, scientists, massage therapists, chicken farmers, hometown heroes, and recent arrestees all on the ballot this year. 

It isn’t always easy to be an informed voter, however; especially with state and local offices, there is often very little information available about candidates. That said, we’re here to help you find the information you need in order to vote confidently. Citizens Count is a nonprofit dedicated to providing unbiased information about New Hampshire issues and candidates. We survey and profile the roughly 1,000 candidates for state and federal office in the Granite State every election year. Here’s our guide for researching your candidates. 

Listen as hosts Anna Brown and Mike Dunbar, of Citizens Count break it down in  $100 Plus Mileage. This podcast is produced in partnership with Citizens Count, Granite State News Collaborative and The Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communications at Franklin Pierce University.