100 Moments That Rocked Computer Science

100 Moments That Rocked Computer Science

Durham University

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From Artificial Intelligence to open-source culture, computer science is transforming how we live, work and play and levelling the playing field when it comes to equality of opportunity. But how did all this come about?

Join Professor Sue Black and her tech pioneer guests as they take us on a rollicking tour of the 100 moments that rocked both computer science - and the world around us. From the creation of the first search engine to the technology that sparked the work from home revolution, hear the true stories behind the inventions, advances and collaborations that made it all possible.

Featuring industry legends including Dame Stephanie Shirley, Alan Emtage, Jacky Wright, Dermot Turing, Anne-Marie Imafidon and Jimmy Wales, plus insights from Professor Gordon Love and Durham students Kaal Sahele and Quentin O'Brien.

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“If anyone can convince the world about Computer Science it’s Sue.”
Martha Lane-Fox

“I absolutely love it! So many reasons to listen in and I can’t wait to hear more. Proper edutainment – both inspired and inspiring.”
Jacqueline de Rojas



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