Together for Yes: Abortion in Ireland

Together for Yes: Abortion in Ireland


About this episode

Together for Yes is an abortion rights campaign group in Ireland. It campaigned successfully for a Yes vote in the 2018 referendum to remove the Eighth Amendment's constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland.

In this episode I talk with Ailbhe Smyth, an Irish academic, and the founding director of the Women's Education, Resource and Research Centre at University College Dublin. As well as being involved in campaigns on women’s liberation in the 1970s and on equal marriage she was named as one of the Time 100 most influential people, which she helped found and which was the umbrella organisation for the campaign for repealing the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution which had afforded the unborn the same rights as a pregnant woman. .

There is lots of interesting stuff in this interview. The campaign was hugely successful and Ailbhe was one of the people directing it and making sure it didn't make the mistakes that a lot of coalitions make. 

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