10 Types Of Vases And How To Use Them

10 Types Of Vases And How To Use Them

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Vases can be used in various different ways. You can keep fresh flowers, dried grass or even leave them empty. Adding flowers to the vase has become a tradition. It is something which everyone follows. But you want to try something new and unique, you can leave the vases empty as well. This would also look amazing in your space. There are so many different types of vases available in the market. You can also buy vases online. Choosing the right type of vase is very crucial. Once you choose the right type, you can use it to decorate your space the way you want.

To choose the right type of vase, let us first understand all the different types of vases that are available. Here are 10 types of vases which will make your place look gorgeous.

    Mason Jar

Mason jars are perfect for everyone. We all know how beautiful they can look. These little jars are easily available. You can also find them laying around in your house as well. Once you have your jar, we can start decorating your space. You can keep these jars literally anywhere in your house. Fill them up with water and add some short stemmed fresh flowers in it. They would look gorgeous in your space.

2. Cylinder Vase

They are long cylindrical vases. They have a nice chic look. Not only would they look pretty but they are also perfect if you do not like bulky vases. They are perfect for modern day homes and styles. You can have many flower arrangements in this vase. All types of arrangements would look gorgeous. You can keep these vases on your side tables or on your coffee table.

3. Ceramic Vase

Ceramic vases are trending these days. Everyone has ceramic vases these days. It is popular because of the different styles and shapes it comes in. You can also find them in so many different colors and patterns. They look amazing nevertheless. You can use huge statement vases and keep them in your corners. These vases would look amazing even without flowers. Your statement vase will do all the work.

4. Pedestal Vase

We all love a unique Pedestal. Plain Pedestals look boring and not very inviting. To change that vibe you can opt for pedestal vases. A unique vase for your pedestal is just what you need. Not only would they look amazing but their presence could change the vibe of your place. You can decorate these vases with dried flowers to enhance the overall look of the pedestal. They are just perfect if you like something unique

5. Sculptural Vase

These vases are all decorative vases. This means you do not have to try hard to decorate them. They look amazing on their own as well. As the name suggests, a sculptural vase is like a statement piece. You can choose the vase which suits the best and keep them in your space. They would definitely attract a lot of attention. You can keep them on your center table and watch how it changes the look of it.

6. Bouquet Vase

These are very commonly used. They are big vases which can hold a bouquet. If you love big bouquets, then this type of vase is perfect for you. All you need is a huge vase which goes with the style of your house. We have all seen these types of vases around. The vase in itself isn’t unique. The flower arrangements in it make the vase look unique.

7. Glass Vase

These have again become very popular lately. Glass vases have evolved in a way where everybody wants one. These glass vases also come in many shapes. The unique and trending vase is a glass bowl vase. It is a glass bowl or a fish bowl. These are perfect if you prefer a low sitting arrangement for your space. They are elegant and can be used for formal events as well. Keeping this bowl on your dining table will make your table look amazing.

8. Antique Vase

We all love a touch of vintage in our homes. The antique colors and patterns look warm. They are very welcoming. So having an antique vase around in your space is not such a bad idea. You can either decorate the vase with flowers occasionally or leave it as it is. An empty antique vase also looks amazing. They have so much going on that by just keeping the vase it will add a character to your space.

9. Narrow Neck Vase

Narrow neck vases look very elegant. As the names says, the neck of the vase is narrow compared to the body. These vases can hold only a few flowers. Nevertheless with just a few flowers, the vase looks amazing. They are cute looking vases which look elegant with flowers in them. They are subtle vases for your modern looking homes.

10. Fluted Vase

These vases are the ones which have vertical grooves on them. They add a little texture to the vase. They are very commonly seen around in homes. The groovy patterns makes the vase look unique and different. It adds a very subtle visual depth to the space.

These are a few types of vases which are popularly used in all interior styles. To choose the right, you need to understand the style you are following. You can either get a specific vase for your style or go with vases which look amazing in all styles.





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