10-Transformin Trauma Thru Transcendence

10-Transformin Trauma Thru Transcendence

Dr. Dennis L. Waters, Sr.

About this podcast

TTTT was a seminar conducted live. There may be a time stamp or time stamps that date this recording. However, the principles of healing, recovery from traumatic experiences, as addressed in my book, "I Will Restore... " are timeless. These are the principles taught or better which individuals are trained to realize and use in this seminar work shop. This seminar was conducted, held at the One God One Thought Spiritual Center, in Baltimore, MD, or maybe the address is Randallstown, MD. OGOT was at the time and maybe still led by my friend and fellow minister Rev. B. Jones. The presenters in the program included myself, Rev. Jones, Rev. MarCia, Minister Vielka Massenburg-Waters



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