10,000 Swamp Leaders

10,000 Swamp Leaders

Rick Torseth

About this podcast

10,000 Swamp Leaders is a podcast that wades into muddy lowlands in search of people who have built social impact movements.The world needs 10,000 more people in the next five years who are willing to lead on issues like climate change, income inequality, peace building, and gender equality. If you are one of these people, you have found a home. Rick Torseth and his guests will unpack lessons learned, why small wins matter more than breakthroughs and how failure is our wisest teacher. We continue to confuse leading with authority. Leading is not a role or a position. It usually begins with a raised hand and an intervention into a heated environment. Our conversations will dig into what is at stake for leaders when the heat is high and the only way forward is into swampy conditions. These are human stories that don’t always have hero endings. We want to understand how these leaders’ lives are turning out differently because they chose to lead. What are the rewards for all this exposure and risk? Each episode will be a little different, as each guest will be different. Hit subscribe so you can prepare to lead.



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