The Treachery of Images

The Treachery of Images

Lex Brown

About this episode

1-800-POWERS returns from a spring hiatus with a pod noir. An intrepid woman of mystery takes you on a smoky case about abortion rights, teachers' gripes, Magritte's painting of a pipe, and Daniel Boorstin's 1962 book The Image: A Guide to Pseudoevents in America. Kick up your feet and grab a glass of something strong.

UPDATE: As of June 24, ROE VS. WADE has officially been overturned by the Supreme Court, making abortion immediately illegal for women in states with Pre-Roe or Trigger bans. Click here for a list of Abortion Access Funds by state and donate to support reproductive justice work, provide transportation, abortion care, and support for women and families. 

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1-800-POWERS is written and produced by artist, writer, and performer Lex Brown. Visit her website or Instagram at @lex_brown_



The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America by Daniel Boorstin

The Better Half: On the Genetic Superiority of Women by Sharon Moalem

Juneteenth TikTok: @_studio93