hh4hh: Healing

hh4hh: Healing

Lex Brown

About this episode

Ho ho ho. It's February. And Helpful Hints for Holiday Healing is here! In this episode is a trove of abstract and *practical* approaches for all kinds of ailments. Which include (though the list is certainly not exhaustive) healing from:

- depression, seasonal/environmental (2:18)

- depression, deep depression (5:06)

- loneliness (11:54)

- loss by death (21:08)

- loss of the living (25:09)

- being overworked (29:26)

- addiction (38:04)

- guilt (48:30)

- gaslighting (56:38)

- insults (1:17:04)

- apathy (1:19:14)

- poor self-esteem about hair, nose, ears, toes, skin, gut, butt, or any other body part that grows... or shrinks! (1:21:04)

* . * . * . *

Throughout the episode is music from Shane Mendonsa. Listen to the full albums here on Shane's Bandcamp.

You can also watch videos of how he makes his music on his YouTube Channel.

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