03XX Series Lab 2: Gary P. Hess

03XX Series Lab 2: Gary P. Hess

jh.fredo7@gmail.com ((Special Guest) Gary Hess, (Host) Tyler Pawlak, (Host) Jose Herrera)

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(Lab 2 Begins at Min 4:38)

In Lab 2, join Gary Hess, Tyler, and Jose for a profound and powerful exploration of Gary's wartime experiences and his journey out of darkness. Learn about his life mission to lead others towards healing through non-western approaches, such as medical marijuana and psychedelics. This conversation is a game-changer for veterans and trauma communities who no longer have to rely solely on the western model of medicine to find paths to recovery, stability, and post-traumatic growth.

Delve into the concepts of balance, alignment, and reconnection as the trio discusses the true nature of trauma – it's not what happens to us, but what remains inside of us. Many veterans never truly make it home, with painful, unprocessed emotions causing disassociation, isolation, and avoidance. This perpetual state of fight or flight can lead to chronic conditions, broken homes, and suffering families.

The pharmaceutical strategy, aimed at treating mental and physical conditions, often only suppresses symptoms without addressing the root cause. This can lead to dependency, substance abuse, addiction, and even suicide. With staggering statistics – over 200,000 veterans and service members lost to suicide since 2001 – it's clear that real options for healing are desperately needed.

Veterans, Spouses, and Family Members to support this initiative and find the help you or a loved one may need, follow this link: https://www.vahahealth.com/