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Pitch Radio
Tony Clarke
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About the station

Welcome to Pitch Radio.

An online station offering a unique experience giving a platform to avid followers of many subcultures that encompass Music, Sport and lifestyle.

Brought to you by an array of DJs and presenters who have individual styles and skills but with one thing in common;

'A life long passion for what they love doing''

At Pitch Radio we are proud to bring you many things to cater for all tastes by delivering a wide-ranging selection of music genres from Northern Soul to Indie, Ska to Punk, Reggae to House, 80s to Mod sounds, Old school to Hip hop plus interviews and articles from terrace culture to the music scene and much much more.

We aim to create a place of fun and enjoyment where everyone is equal and valued, a community feel where everyone's welcome and can fit in.

Whether you're a music, sports or subculture fanatic there is a show to suit you because at Pitch Radio it's all under one roof.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you and welcoming you to the Pitch Radio family.

Pitch Radio
Pitch Radio Landslide
Tony Clarke

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