Cash Back Offers

Get paid to shop on everyday items and more.

Working with a variety of retailers to bring you deals you will love.

How it Works

Go to the Zeno Plus app.
Search for offers from your favorite retailers.
Make your purchase using the unique link provided to you in the app.
Earn your Cash Back!

Earn Money On Every Purchase!

On our Zeno Plus app we provide users like you the opportunity to earn cash back every time you make purchases from your favorite retailers. With such a wide selection of stores to choose from, we have you covered to ensure you are getting the most out of every purchase you make.


Zeno partners with top retailers and local businesses to give you cash back on purchases. Earn money while you shop whether its on everyday essentials or big ticket items.


More vendors are always being added to our app. Looking to expand your business and incentivize shoppers? Contact us about being featured in our Offers.