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Dj C-Money Malawian Music
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About the station

Music of Malawi has historically been influenced through its triple cultural heritage of British, African, and American music.[citation needed] Malawians have long been travelers and migrant workers, and as a result, their music has spread across the African continent and blended with other music forms. One of the prime historical causes of the Malawian musical melting pot was World War II, when soldiers both brought music to distant lands and also brought them back. By the end of the war, guitar and banjo duos were the most popular type of dance bands. Both instruments were imported. Malawians working in the mines in South Africa and Mozambique also led to fusion and blending in music styles, giving rise to music styles like Kwela.

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Dj C-Money Malawian Music
Dj C-Money Malawian Music

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